Thomas Sewell on Hammertube at 2pm today


This one will be worth a watch.


Tom Sewell will be joining Hammer and I tomorrow as well as a special guest panel to discuss his recent imprisonment aswell as his plans for the future. Don’t miss it!

2pm Sunday AEST
10pm Saturday EST (USA)


Tom Sewell is the political prisoner too spicy for most Aussies to have given a shit about. I look forward to hearing what insights and revelations he has gained after 6 months in maximum security prison without trial, and after a bail hearing in which the prosecutors tried to suggest that he should not be granted bail because of his dangerous beliefs (not because of his actions) – they actually wanted to keep him in a cage for his THOUGHTS. Fortunately the presiding judge had the wisdom to overrule this, and now Tom is free with no restrictions on his speech.

Of course, they will be watching him very closely.

From some of the writing he did and shared during his stay in Port Philip, it was clear that the quiet and stagnation of prison was enabling deeper introspection and honing of his message. He would not be the first political prisoner to emerge with greater conviction, clarity, and courage. I suspect that they have completely failed to break his spirit, in fact probably quite the opposite, and I watch with curiosity to see what kind of leader he might become.

The timing of his arrest and the desperation to keep him locked away by the state is highly suspicious, in my opinion. The controlled demolition of Australia began in earnest not long after he was put away, with a massive nationwide anti-state resistance movement rising up. The attempted mass slaughter of our countrymen by mRNA clotshot has redpilled more people than any other event in history, and now that folks are starting to question everything they ever believed, they are looking for leaders with satisfactory answers and sufficient courage to model.

New cults of personality have crystallised rapidly around normie-tier voices for liberty like Monica Smit, Aussie Cossack, Craig Kelly and Riccardo Bosi, and respected voices in the spicier fringes of authoritarian politics have re-emerged and begun to lead again, in young masculine figures like Blair Cottrell.

If I were the state, I would have definitely wanted Tom Sewell well away from all this, as he is the most charismatic, intelligent and BOLD voice on the Nationalist Right in Australia, and perhaps anywhere in the Western world.

But, he has slipped out of their sneaky web for now, and I think they will be very nervous to see him speaking publicly again.

I watch with great interest and curiosity, as you should too. I have a feeling that Tom might be someone remembered in history for a long time. The tone of that story will depend on who the victor is, as history is not written by those who are conquered, but by those who conquer.

You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams.

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