Charlottesville Civil Case Is Further Proof That America Is Not A White Supremacist Country But Rather A Jewish Supremacist Hellscape


The conclusions of a federal jury in the Sines v. Kessler civil case has been filtering all the way down from the kosher controlled corporate media cartels to their hand wringing subordinates working in rural and regional newspapers as far away as Victoria, Australia.

The kosher controlled corporate media asserts that the $26 million judgment against the indigent pro se White Nationalist defendants, secured by an all Jewish team of high priced billion dollar trial lawyers (i.e. Karen Dunn, Roberta Kaplan, Alan Levine) representing some of the most corrupt corporations in America, was a finding of “justice” against the “hate” of the “White Supremacist system”.

And if you believe that I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.

This case is not simply about kosher kritarchy Judges like Norman Moon having Antifa allies as his judiciary clerks. Nor is it merely about Nationalists being blacklisted from essential financial services.

It is about a systematic institutional Zionist Jewish conspiracy between powerful plutocrats, political police, MSM propaganda mills, silicon valley technocrats, and exterminationist intelligence agencies.

But with the literal Hitler “far right” now taking to the streets in the millions I’m sure the vampires that make up international organized Jewry will be eager to paint this as “annuda shoah” perpetrated by their “antisemitic Jew hating” scapegoats.

Food For Thought.

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