A Ryan Rant – Episode 153 – Kosher Media Is Fake As A Three Dollar Bill


It’s becoming common knowledge these days that the pervasive plutocratic media is a product of international Jewish finance, which seeks to inflict a predictable two pronged assault upon the White working class in collapsing Occidental societies.

Their kosher certified Black Bloc “anarchist” golems reinforce the anti-White establishment’s narratives, whilst the plutocratic media’s sponsored “Far-Right” conspiracy pundits frame these golems as “Nazis”, for supporting precarious Vaccine mandates, or advocating for kosher Weimar tier abortion laws.

With Left-wing Jews bestowing Whites with the status of goyim guinea pigs, and sponsored “Far-Right” conspiracy pundits taking the position that demographic decline is not a racial issue but a political one, is it any surprise that the actual voices of political dissent are algorithmically downplayed by the plutocratic media?

Because as year on year people awake to the Jewish anti-White cabal, not even the looming prospect of life destroying system assault will deter the White masses from pulling the proverbial trigger on the fraudulent kosher pig system propaganda that is subverting our people’s place in the world.

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