A Ryan Rant – Episode 152 – Kosher Rapid Resolution Therapy


The 24 hour kosher pig system media cycle has become expert at psychic driving MK-Ultra labels into the minds of the masses, so as to accelerate the mechanism of problem – reaction – solution (PRS) in order to erode individual liberty for gentiles, whilst increasing power for international organised Jewry.

Their philo-Semitic synthesis designed to detox the population from the “trauma” of “White Supremacy”, requires amplification of White lone wolf attacks incited by the system’s bull-baiting in order to distract from genocidal initiatives of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG).

This focus on flattening the “trauma” button is intended to domesticate gentiles into subservient slaves serving Jewish Supremacy. However the whack-a-mole button flattening of Jewish power reveals their tyranny to be built upon a hyper ethnic neurosis affirmed by an outright inversion of reality.

Those who outright advocate throwing a spanner into the Mishnah media machine advancing technological tyranny are increasingly either being vexatiously sued into ruin by affluent Jewish law firms or outright framed for crimes by the system’s enforcers.

Until possession from the Zionist transmission is fully grasped by a critical mass of the population, who in turn can level a lethal blow to the technocrats running the systems of suppression, we will remain in a largely deluded state of compliance.

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