The Beast with 40,000 Legs


Miyamoto Musashi is Japan’s most legendary Ronin warrior. He won every sword duel he ever fought, save one (which resulted only in his embarrassment and the beginning of his self-mastery). He won many thousands more duels than he actually fought. Why?

Because, as he put it, “the sharpest sword stays in its sheath”.

His reputation for unbeatable violence was far more powerful than his actual skill with a sword. There were many thousands of men who would have liked to have bested him in battle, but never dared try because they were afraid of how great he was. His reputation won those battles before they ever began.

If you are feared for being capable of great violence, be it individually or collectively, you will win without the need for violence. 7-foot guys with bulging chests don’t tend to get picked on at bars.

People only take up arms against that which they believe they can beat. And this goes for all sides of a war.

This is achieved by demonstration of skill and efficacy, such as Musashi performed alone, or by size.

20,000 armed men won’t pick a fight with 2,000,000 unarmed men if they stand together and hold the line.

Terrorism works for the very reason the name implies. Cellular acts of violence put terror in the hearts of men. But men of Christian society don’t behave this way naturally. It is against our very nature. Logos compels us to create and protect, not to destroy and kill.

So all we have are the numbers. The police hit back HARD in Melbourne because THEY were intimidated by the crowd. Even so, they could not hold the lines. And the people of Melbourne did not fire a single round on the Police nor retaliate with any real violence. They simply pushed on and showed the cops that overwhelming numbers make pepper spray look like water pistols to a beast with 40,000 legs.

Today, thousands of Australians gathered in hundreds of locations, and the result was a haunting silent protest outside the offices of elected political leaders. There was very little violence, and very few arrests. Police resources were spread thin, and the people gave no reason to expect unrest. The police, for the most part, did little, but the message was loud and clear. The mainstream media may have ignored or spun it, but enough honest people have seen what happened, and the emboldening of the Australian resistance grows.

The police can only escalate the violence so far. If 2,000,000 peaceful protestors marched in lockstep, or 10,000,000 spread themselves across the country in gatherings of 10,000 or more, the “swords” of the enemy will stay sheathed, and the tide will start to turn.

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