Food For Thought – Jewish Intervention Is Inferior To Aryan Invention

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Recently I’d contrasted the spiritual invention of Scientology with the psychoanalytic interference of Psychohistory.

Scientology, which emphasises the Henry Ford tier principle of “thought is boss” and that man determines his own salvation through force of will, stemmed forth from a fundamentally White worldview in which invention (i.e. creation) is a virtue.

Psychohistory, which forms the foundational psychoanalytic interventionist strategies that gave us the bogus Office of Strategic Services (OSS) report entitled “The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report”, came directly from the Jewish mind that seeks to intervene against their gentile outgroups breaking free from Noahide enslavement.

Arguably it is true that Judaism is in itself a doctrine of thought, however it is a doctrine that is pathologically obsessed with destruction. It would be right to say that Judaism’s parasitically usurious and murderous outlook to the world is the polar opposite to both the Dharma (the teachings of Gautama Buddha) and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The White Aryan, to whom the Jews ascribe the sinister mythological status of Edom, Esau, Amalek and Haman, are ostensibly understood through the Taoist prism of Yin and Yang to be the Whiteness of Yang, symbolizing masculinity, positivity, logic and firmness. Jews, symbolized by the darkness of Yin, then come to represent the traits of negativity, femininity, intuitiveness and softness.

Where the White Aryan forges creation from ingenuity, hard-work, and analytical forthrightness, the Jew exists by castrating, invalidating and reacting in an ultimately counter-productive set of ways that turn healthy functioning society into ruin.

Understanding these basic concepts are important to communicating the foundations of both worldly dysfunction as well as the path to solutions and salvation.

In the present day, where academia interprets “Whiteness” through the kosher Psychohistory lens, it is no wonder that the objectively deranged purple haired transsexual whom is in a polygamous relationship with a demented relative or a disable person or an animal is such a prevalent manifestation in a world that has turned its back on White enlightenment.

Thusly White Revolution, which is the fundamental inversion of Jewish subversion, is the ONLY solution to Jewish pollution.

Food For Thought.

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