A Ryan Rant – Episode 148 – I Don’t Speak Hebrew


It’s no secret that the riff raff that make up team G.I. Jew, have been steadfastly trying to exorcise speakers of truth from injecting traditional German into the global lexicon.

With so many self-hating kosher certified Whites triggered by the very mention of German, is it really any surprise why liberals and conservatives avoid examining the facts when each of them are crawling over one another to wave the rainbow flag of Jewish faggotry.

It’s a fact that the avid memelord is working overtime to get the Lügenpresse lemmings to face facts like A Clockwork Orange scene, and realise that their trust in transnational kleptocracy is about as rational as giving more than $146 billion in aid to Israel.

Not only that but as Teutonic truth becomes more apparent, people inevitably become more attuned to who they really are, and not even royalty is immune from the epiphany that Hitler did nothing wrong.

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