A Ryan Rant – Episode 147 – Revolt Of “Hate” Against The Empire Of Parasitism


The Jewish empire of usurious parasitism and fake history has stood the test of time thanks to an insatiable appetite for treachery, ignorance, perversity and crime.

In a world where kosher certified kritarchy, decrees White Lives matter an “abhorrent” terrorism against the miscegenetic muttery of modern democracy, the very essence of day to day Jewish capitalism, inevitable fuels the fervour of disgust of those who prop up this “Mitzvah” matrix.

When you want to deny that 11 million Whites were exterminated by Jewish Bolsheviks, or that hundreds of thousands of Japanese getting nuked is a yawn fest, don’t be surprised when nobody of sound mind gives a proverbial fuck about a supposed 6 million that demonstrably never happened.

With the frens of the revolution steadily growing, and works of counter-parasitic art reclaiming the streets, we are soon to see the pig establishment’s disinformation fall on deaf ears.

Because when you preside over an empire of morbidly obese, mask donning, BLM cultists spewing bullshit, don’t be surprised when the winged hater of the revolution remarks that degenerate extinction will be for evermore.

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