10 way to avoid helplessness in the coming apocalypse



1) Faith in God. Get some. Then you have all the help you need, including defeating death and the fear thereof.

2) Strong male friends. Get some. Talk to all your neighbours and find out who is on your side and make a mutual defense pact.

3) Decide. That’s what men do. Stay strong and decide now that you will not succumb to ANY pressure, of any kind. Decision is the antidote to all doubt.

4) Trust your own mind. The elites who are committing this genocide have made SO many major errors that it is now completely transparent to anyone who has used their own brain and spent time researching the facts. Don’t let them gaslight you into thinking you’re crazy, and try not to indulge in being influenced by uncorroborated rumours and memes, but DO look at the direct evidence and listen to reasonable and qualified analysts who are challenging the narrative. You are not crazy.

5) Remember your rights come from God, and not from the government. Don’t think within the frame of people who mean to murder you. They have no power over your soul, unless you give it to them.

6) Every day work as hard as you can to be fit and strong. Minimum 100 Burpees a day. I’ve started doing a routine with my two young sons where every 30 minutes an alarm goes off with funky Sonic the Hedgehog type music and we drop and do 10 Burpees. Ten times that, we’re doing 100 a day. I add weight training to that, and go on walks. Stay healthy and active and it’s easier to feel confident and strong in your convictions.

7) Limit abyss-gazing. There’s no shortage of evil and insanity out there now. Focus on what is nearest to you and most likely to directly affect you, and try to avoid spending too much time looking at anything evil, false, or ugly. Focus on the good, the true, and the beautiful.

8) Ceaselessly pray. As many times as you feel sad, lonely, frightened, stressed, worried, unsure, tired, angry, hateful, afraid, or feel any pang of negative emotion, breathe and ask God to help you. “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” is a traditional prayer which helps a lot, especially when you don’t know what to say to the Creator. The Lord’s prayer first and last every day. Read your Bible. A chapter a day is a good minimum.

9) Patience. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. The truth of these vaccines is coming, fast, and it will be shocking and undeniable to all. You will be vindicated. Be patient. Don’t buckle.

10) Love your neighbour. The more you can act to help others, the less you will fear for yourself. Who in your community, family, or neighbourhood is struggling more that you? Help them.

Practising these ten things will help you survive the collapse, no matter what actually happens to or around you. Godspeed, friends.

You can find James Fox Higgins at Foxgrams.

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James Fox Higgins is a husband, father, writer, musician, multimedia producer, and entrepreneur. He is a Christian nationalist, patriarch, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of European civilisation and cultures. After a long career as an entertainer, James built himself a studio/gym/library in the rainforest of a Australia, and enjoys homesteading with his family, reading classical European literature to his sons, training in classical Japanese martial arts, lifting weights, writing science fiction novels ( https://rrtv.live/product-category/books/ ), recording original christian music ( https://rrtv.live/product/logosrisingalbum/ ) and publishing his unpopular opinions about religion, philosophy, and politics.