Slaves Revolt in Australian Capital Cities against Lockdown

Brisbane, yesterday.

ABC reports 7500 people attended the freedom rally yesterday in Brisbane. So we can safely assume it was at least 15,000.

From Sydney: “What we saw today was three-and-a-half thousand very selfish boofheads,” said New South Wales Police Minister David Elliot.

Sydney, yesterday.

How can 3500 people gathered together in a common interest be “selfish”, you retard? 

That’s the language of a psychologically abusive parent. “You’re being selfish for not complying with me!” LOL. We don’t care, that’s the point. Your pathetic words of shaming have no power over the sovereign individual, or the strong and loyal pack.

Some of us don’t care about the herd any more, because the herd has been continually betraying us (and themselves) for generations. Some of us just care about our packs. And no, we don’t care if you think that’s selfish. You’re in the out-group, and you’re not welcome in the in-group if you’re a bootlicking sycophant to your own slave-masters.

What we actually saw gathered yesterday were many tens of thousands of people who are sovereign individuals, or who move in such a pack, and who care more about family than state, and who care more about freedom and future freedom than whether or not some bureaucrat is going to call them juvenile names instead of addressing their legitimate and very real grievances.

Ignore this at your peril, world “leaders”.

“Chaos has descended on Sydney”, reports some vacuous bimbo anchor on some MSM news show I can’t remember, because they all look, sound, and smell the same (like BS). Well, good! Now is the time for chaos. We are suffering from extremist order; totalitarian micromanagement of every aspect of your life, including access to your basic needs. The very air you breath is being poisoned with the CO2 you expire. The diaper on your face might as well be your slavemaster’s hand smothering you. You will get brain damage and be even more retarded than you currently are if you keep wearing those stupid masks just because the TV told you to. This is the scientific reality they won’t talk about.

Stop taking orders from people who lack all legitimate authority, and start bringing them chaos until they hand the levers of power over to trustworthy and upright men of God, who are not in it for mere power and wealth, but who love their race, love their country, and want to see it thrive. Such men built the modern world, and it’s being torn apart because such men have been enslaved, downtrodden, emasculated, and traumatised from birth into the globohomo cult.

Enough. The New World Order is going to fail, because they can’t handle the kind of chaos that the vastly outnumbering masses can bring if they choose to.

I’ve never seen a greater need for (temporary) chaos in all my life. There’s no talking our way out of it. There’s no conversation to be had with the liars who rule us. What we must do is stop seeing ourselves as part of their world. Their “society” is evil, sick, and on its dying breaths (and good riddance!). Our Kingdom is yet to come, and by God is it coming!

Melbourne, yesterday.

Well done Australian capital cities! Well done to all the protestors today all over the world. Well done to every individual brave enough to ignore these illegal, illegitimate, and ill-conceived “mandates”. 

The government officials, news anchors, mainstream journalists and police commissioners are unnerved, and so are using the language of shame and ridicule against you for gathering publicly to protest the laws they have implemented without the consent of the governed.

They are now saying that it’s not, or might not be, your democratic right to gather and call your officials to heal.

They are saying your opinion, and your choice, doesn’t matter.

They are declaring themselves your masters and you their slaves.

Are you a slave?

Remember when you followed some dipshit at school into some folly, and your mum said “would you walk off a cliff if they told you to?”… well, this is the societal test of that dynamic.

The world is being divided into three classes: 

  1. The Rulers who cause suffering but bear none themselves.
  2. The Sheeple who suffer willingly, trustingly, like lambs to the slaughter.
  3. Real human beings who will not suffer gladly evil or foolish leaders, nor the pathetic willingness of the sheeple.

Until the masses disobey boldly and constantly, they will continue to use violence and social engineering to control our lives and destroy our livelihoods, all over a fake pandemic.

The real pandemic is parasitic bureaucrats and power-hungry political elites. The people are beginning to realise this, en masse, worldwide. It’s glorious to behold!

Prepare for massive blowback as they pull out every stop to wrest control back into their hands. 

Dont give up.

Dont submit.

You have a right to say no, and anyone who says otherwise has no more moral high ground than a rapist.

The day of the rope is coming.

We’re going to need a lot more rope.

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