Lying Press gatekeepers scramble to maintain control of the vaccine narrative: And it’s beautiful


Obviously, neither Queensland Premier Anastasia Weird Foreign Name nor her Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young should have any form of responsibility. Because they’re women. Women believe that a journalist asking them a pertinent question is “rude”:

“Bianca” should be at home with the kids too.

Anyway, all three of these women who should be at home minding the kids conform to the globalist narrative on the coronavirus, lockdowns and the coronavirus not-vaccines. But they are all at each others’ throats because yesterday, Dr Young said this about the Pfizer vaccine:

“I don’t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid, probably wouldn’t die.”

“We are not in a position that I need to ask young, fit, healthy ­people to put their health on the line (by) getting a vaccine that could potentially significantly harm them.”

From a medical perspective what she has said is extremely conservative. We know the risks of the not-vaccines are quite literally diabolical, exposing us to the potential of biowarfare:

Source: Stephen Wells triggers everyone.

Thus Young has been very conservative, only wanting to talk about the apparently “very rare” blood clotting and not at all about the other catastrophes being caused for ordinary people stupid enough to take the vaccine.

She still pushes both not-vaccines, it is just that she recommends different not-vaccines for different age groups. But as far as the gatekeepers in the Lying Press are concerned, she is now as bad as any anti-vaxxer.

From the jewish fake-right papers:

From a television Lying Press outlet:

“What the Queensland Premier and her Chief Health Officer did today was simply astonishing…

“If they wanted to shift blame for their lockdown onto the Prime Minister there was plenty of fertile ground on which to work.

“They could say the vaccine rollout is too slow, which is true.

“They could flog Scott Morrison for bad communication with doctors, or for his slow conversion to the idea of purpose-built quarantine.

“But they didn’t do that.
“Instead, they attacked the quality of a vaccine that we desperately need to dig our way out of this prison.

“They played up the vanishingly small chance of dying from AstraZeneca and became the latest loud voices adding to fear and confusion in the community.

“It was breathtaking and the only winners out of today are the anti-vaxxers.”

The globalist narrative is that the coronavirus is deadly, lockdowns are necessary, not-vaccines should be and eventually will be mandatory, and that the government should build coronavirus death camps which will eventually hold anybody who doesn’t want to get jabbed.

Any deviation from this line and all hell breaks loose. The irony is that the media is actually acting much like the immune system of a human body. The moment something foreign appears in the body – in this case a slight deviation from the globalist narrative – all systems are activated to destroy said deviation.

You get a few days off work. That’s it.

It shows you how scared they are. We have seen a similar immune response from the globalist system to Fraser Anning and Thomas Sewell, both of whom effectively communicated to a broad Australian audience a solid alternative political platform which opposes the replacement our people in our own country. Anning has been effectively banished while Sewell has been jailed without trial.

It is telling that the same people who are trying to replace us want us to take the not-vaccine.

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