A Ryan Rant – Episode 145 – Our Bricolage Of Bigotry


It would be an understatement to say kosher woke liberals don’t have a profound understanding of drawing upon a diverse range of subversive sources to create a cultural collage of disorder.

When it come to those of us brandishing the assorted brand of ethnocentric bias, it’s important to understand that these same hustlers of dysfunction hot on our bigoted heels, are the same people in control of the global gates to centralised money power, and the institutional framework as to how the young are inculcated into kosher certified Allied history.

As history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, it’s revealing to know what gems of judgement pass through the mouths of these neutered “anti-Nazis”, and ultimately the intrinsic spiritual roots that validate the vision of their opponents, who have a much richer understanding of a progressive path forward.

Because when building a world based on a diverse range of biases that confront a world filled with good and evil, it is ultimately the inclinations and aptitudes in a group that form the foundations of bigotry that hold our civilisation together.

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