A Ryan Rant – Episode 142 – The White Supremacist Franchise


The kosher certified world in which we live imbues fundamental inversion of good and evil, for the benefit of both sides of the same shekel that oppressively stamps out Whiteness.

From those who manage the world’s largest reserves of wealth, to those who control the mechanics of kosher corporate propaganda, the game being planned by the Jewish oligarchs is one that fosters franchising of chaos amongst the gentiles.

Hence in this comic-book tier “Truman Show” it is imperative for the kippah wearing manipulators to have you believe that any degree of degradation is better than being a raving red-faced Nazi.

However many are rejecting this Talmudic tyranny of conglomerated corruption for White affirming franchises that encompass media, business, religion and social clubs to name a few.

The so called “White Supremacist” label will continue to be such a thriving marketing pitch against such parasitic disease, that you will soon see Uber Right Wing Squads meeting the demand for rainbow grooming disposal in your area.

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