A Ryan Rant – Episode 141 – Trad Scientology Is Axiomatically Based


In episode 132 of A Ryan Rant we addressed a field of study called “Psychohistory” that originated from the writings of Science-Fiction author Isaac Asimov. However it is another field of study originated by a Science fiction author that has the Zionist system all bent out of shape these days.

Based on my rudimentary understanding of The Basics of this “modern science” and “applied religious philosophy”, the original thesis paper of Dianetics (as developed by L. Ron Hubbard), articulates a simple but effective tool in which to advance the virtues of Whiteness against aberrant forces that seek its suppression.

The Judo tier techniques and tactics of Dianetics and Scientology enables both the individual and group to gain the ability to name a kosher profession as the culprit, whilst gaining kosher awards to advance rhetorical inroads with gentile publics.

However some notable anti-White adversaries, like the Southern Poverty Law Centre, are acutely aware of this, as are some notable Jewish opponents of Scientology.

Whilst Jews like Richard Behar mock-up psychological projection of a money hungry demon cult for the goyim, his tribesmen are ostensibly the real money hungry Moloch worshipping Mishnah mafia, that wants to do everything possible in deterring Whites from collectively organising and pooling their money together like Scientologists do.

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