A Ryan Rant – Episode 140 – Gentile Knowingness Is Treif Terrorism


It takes a rather dull or duplicitous individual to tell you to your face that the Jews aren’t an existential threat to humanity.

Whist it is true they are the driving force behind paedophilia, broad sweeping gun-control policies, egregious espionage activities across the occident, malicious displacement of gentiles from their homes, and deportation of gentiles who won’t deliver their bagels, it’s clearly the case that those who kvetch the loudest about “Nazis” being the greatest problem facing humanity are ostensibly engaging in psychological projection.

As year on year the Jew is called out for constantly inflating the death toll of a genocide that never happened, and those who bravely call out this fraud are imprisoned by political police, who are working in tandem with the likes of Mark Bray’s kosher certified black bloc junkie street thugs, the two party Jew party system that enslaves us with deceit and debt inspires the truly righteous to advance full conceptual understanding about the truth of the Synagogue of Satan.

For the longer truth is suppressed and shouted down by dull demons, it will be inevitable as to what future befalls the kippah wearing con-artists who seek the extermination of gentiles.

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