161,000 French Protest Against Lockdown


~161,000 protestors in France yesterday! Now an entire hospital staff on indefinite strike over the mandatory vax for health care workers.

Viva la France!

Australia, America, rest of Western Civilisation… are you really going to let the French put you to shame? We’ve been mocking their historical surrenders for many decades now, now let’s give them the credit and encouragement they are due. Support your French brothers and sisters, spread the word, and give heart to everyone you speak to who is sick of this NWO takeover. Let them know that it’s happening, that they are not alone in their scepticism, their fatigue, their anger, their burgeoning hatred of the ruling class. They are not alone, and they are not wrong to feel that way.

We *should* hate evil.

Let it be known that the worldwide people’s revolution is just getting started. It’s going to be a wild decade or two! Not for the feint-hearted.

I’m really excited about it, personally. Growing up in the last days of milk and honey made us all weak and shortsighted. The conflict and chaos ahead will make us strong, and reconnect us with the grand vision of mankind; starting with God, and with the earthly father of all children of God, Adam, and binding together each man with each and every father before him, and each and every son to come, and the same for the girls and women.

We are approaching a time of great opportunity. Old systems will die, many new ones will rise to assert themselves. We will lose a lot of the comforts of the Age of Plenty we were born into, but it’s okay… God will provide us with all that we *need*.

And best of all, we’ll have each other. For what greater joy and purpose is there in life than to love your neighbour, and be part of a great nation of people who know who they are, who believe themselves great, and who have each other’s backs? I can dream of no greater paradise.

We’re going to make that nation rise from the ashes of this broken Babylonian dis-civilisation. Don’t be afraid. Deus vult!

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James Fox Higgins is a husband, father, writer, musician, multimedia producer, and entrepreneur. He is a Christian nationalist, patriarch, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of European civilisation and cultures. After a long career as an entertainer, James built himself a studio/gym/library in the rainforest of a Australia, and enjoys homesteading with his family, reading classical European literature to his sons, training in classical Japanese martial arts, lifting weights, writing science fiction novels ( https://rrtv.live/product-category/books/ ), recording original christian music ( https://rrtv.live/product/logosrisingalbum/ ) and publishing his unpopular opinions about religion, philosophy, and politics.