Less White

Rosa Parks spent most of her life trying to be less White.

They want us to be less White they say,

Without any self-reflection or homage to pay

For the mighty White giants who reached the stars;

Who invented the world and Ford Mustang cars.


They want us to be less White; a confection

That escapes any notion of their own rejection

Of all the goodies White man created,

The civilisational heights by all, once so feted.


They want us to be less White, they dare

Say with straight face, without any care

For those Whites who built their comfortable world

Yet spit on our flag of freedom, unfurled.


They want us to be less White they screech,

Yet through our crumbling walls they reach

To steal and appropriate that which isn’t theirs

Until White man awakes to fix his affairs.


So be less White if you really want to

And tell all your own of the hateful jealousy you spew.

But take your hands off White invention and cause

Because it’s ours, the White man’s, it’s NOT yours.


Dedicated to Rosa Parks, who reached out to appropriate that which was not hers and whose people could not hope to achieve.