Food For Thought – Hail L. Ron Hubbard

Is my needle floating? Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

An article published on The Daily Beast the other day has further reinforced my closing sentiment outlined in section one of Trading HEMP for Hitler.

L. Ron Hubbard (aka LRH) has been a source of fascination to me since dabbling in Scientology back around 2008. After reading ‘Bare Faced Messiah’ by Russell Miller, a non-Scientology biography, I’m even more fascinated by LRH.

Previously I’d attributed LRH’s applied religious philosophy of Scientology as a form of Judaism for gentiles, that utilises a hyper typomania as its religious canon and a ruthless weaponisation of the legal system against their “W.O.G.” outgroups.

But there is a reason the kosher certified Zionist system has spent a good deal of time and money making Scientology out as the archetypal demonic cult, and it isn’t because Scientology suggests the Holocaust was dreamt up by psychologists and psychiatrists.

For example, the Zionist corporate media often kvetches about Operation Snow White, which was a Scientology plan carried out in the 1970s to infiltrate and steal documents from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology in more than 30 countries.

Assumedly the only reason said Zionist media continues to kvetch about it in the current year is because Zionists believe only Judaism should have the inalienable right to infiltrate and steal government documents in order to blackmail such entities on behalf of Jewish interests.

Just imagine the absolute media shitstorm that would ensue if the creativity movement had conducted an Operation Snow White tier scheme against the United States Federal Government.

Fact is if Scientology were allowed to go on making their Homo-Novis super-beings, and forging close ties with the likes of Louis Farrakhan, perhaps America wouldn’t be under the thumb of Israel’s murderous anti-gentile exterminationist Jewish supremacy.

Food For Thought.

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