A Ryan Rant – Episode 139 – Pro-White Is Intrinsically Anti-Semitic


Fundamental axioms expressed in some of my published works, outline the fact that kosher certified diversity is anathema to Whiteness, that Jews hold an undeserved privilege and influence over power, and that positive Christianity is the proverbial “Sword of Damocles” that threatens their power.

Expressing these facts are framed by the Zionist anti-White system as hate speech, and even some platforms that adhere to the principle of free speech seem hard pressed to hold the line in this war for the advancement of Whiteness, creativity and truth.

Entertainers who act as canaries in the kosher coal mine are imprisoned for warning of the impending anti-gentile civil war being sought by the Jews, hence why polling on the feds is literally in the toilet.

With the scope of the kosher certified television, defining who is good and bad on the IRL chessboard, it’s laughable to even suggest that the Jewish system is committed to anything less than total elimination of Whiteness, which in turn means the extermination of White families.

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