A Ryan Rant – Episode 138 – Ashkenazi Aktion Against Aryan Aura


Certain counter-Semitic cyclical patterns of propagation, aptly reveal the nefarious nose poking out from behind the curtain of deceit and destruction, and reminds us that traditional treason deterrence is how we stop said nose sticking it’s beak in.

When you notice who the most affluent and influential individuals are, as well as who their sham dissident devotees are, it becomes clear what kind of deal is being dished up to Occidental countries.

Such deals are accelerating toxic intersection in the political sphere, which ostensibly now is more clownish than a sodomite sin circus in the streets. Hence can we really be all that surprised when such traditional voting blocs are backing out of the deal with “our greatest ally”.

With anti-Whiteness an explicit religious canon of the kosher certified neo-liberal globohomo system, and socialism only okay when kippah wearing vampires do it, you can sense a little bit of history repeating so to speak.

Fundamentally the more you understand why the system is a total inversion of good and evil, the more you start to have thoughts that the system considers anti-Semitic.

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