Food For Thought – Is A Humanitarian Nuclear Airdrop The Solution?

Ya-hoo, Jew! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Another two-pronged attack by the kippah wearing penguins is playing out at the moment.

From the kosher approved commies at Deutsche Welle:

Germany’s anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein urged authorities on Friday to stop protesters from using a mock yellow Star of David badge forced on Jews during World War II.

Anti-lockdown protesters have been seen wearing the yellow badge in Germany in opposition to government plans to offer more freedoms to those who get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

From the kosher approved commies at The Guardian:

A majority of Australians want the Nazi swastika banned, according to a survey undertaken by the Social Research Centre. A majority also said they did not take either side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This focus on sanitizing symbology from any and all protests that could be construed as “anti-Semitism” by international organized Jewry is well timed, considering the “anti-Racist” allies of DW and The Guardian are funding violent Israeli street criminals.

But here at the XYZ we appreciate ironic humor, particularly when we consider past purposes on the matter.

Is the only solution to gentile suppression a strategic exploitation of Israel’s weaknesses?

Food For Thought.

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