A Ryan Rant – Episode 136 – The Joys Of Isra-hell


Like the former Soviet Jewish Republic, and the current kosher certified autonomous oblast that waves the only protected rainbow flag in Russia, the terrorist base of Israel gets lots of love from around the world.

Perhaps it is due to the Zionist art of talking out of both sides of its mouth, or the fact that Israelis are such lying, thieving, murdering, mutilating bastards, that they bring out the best in their Palestinian neighbours, who prove the old adage that anti-Semitism is a healthy aversion to certain psychopathy.

Perhaps it is some semantic misunderstanding, or the fact that faggotry can’t get anymore Jewish, much like the “progressive” diversity in the streets, or the privilege on show at elite universities.

Whilst the Kapparot tier ritual of Zionist Occupation continues to bring about arrest and suppression of White Western values, Jews continue to act as they please with absolute impunity afforded to them by the system.

But if history has taught us anything, those who forget about it are usually likely to get kicked in their proverbial kosher teeth as it were.

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