Food For Thought – Pol Pot Less Evil Than Organised Jewry


In the spirit of April Fools Day I thought it pertinent to poke the eye of one of the most pernicious transnational frauds fooling too many around the world.

Back in January of this year the YouTube channel Mountain Bear released this ripper animation regarding the Holohoax contrasted against a real verifiable genocide (the Cambodian Genocide perpetrated by the Communist Khmer Rouge) that literally has mountains of physical evidence to support it:

Call me paranoid but just in case Jewish YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and her team of ADL approved kosher certified censors, decide to take this ripper toon down in the near future I’m re-uploading it here on your XYZ:

In May, 2020 I’d toyed around with the Cambodian Genocide angle in contrast with the Shoah when I produced episode 128 of A Ryan Rant:

Fact is there is little to no evidence to support the official 6 million gas chamber extermination story disseminated by the Zionist Jew system, in fact most evidence supports the positions held by people like Ursula Haverbeck. Hence why the kosher certified Zionist pig system had Ursula Haverbeck celebrating her 91st birthday in prison.

Meanwhile Jewish mass murderers like Lazar Kaganovich, Lev Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky), Genrikh Yagoda, Yair Klein, Baruch Goldstein, and so on are hailed as heroes in Tel Aviv.

Hence the old meme:

Food For Thought.

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