Food For Thought – A People Not Coy In Their Quest To Destroy The Goy

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

The latest round of Jews destroying Palestinian homes against International law, whilst tax-payers under the thumb of Five-Eyes surveillance subsidize said Jews, should come as a solemn reminder of what the Zionist Occupation Government has in store for those of us deemed to be a part of the Far Right Extremist Threat.

As we’ve witnessed, the political police and military have no qualms about saturating an “extremist” civilian home with enough CS gas to induce seizures so violent that children’s spines snap, only to later burn said home down so smirking Chuck Schumer can deride them as “evil” via a Senate Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile these same Jews crying “borders for me not for thee”, apoplectically ascribe the label of axis of anti-Semitism upon anyone who points out that they maliciously short markets, in a way not dissimilar to how they short societies morally, ethically and legally.

In short the White scare that has come about is a pure expression of Tikkun Olam, as the Jewish globohomo neoliberal world feeding your soon to be hetero-hating interracial trans-kids faux plant/bug “meat” is an anathema to “Whiteness”.

The greatest threat to these shuckling shysters is the truth, hence why butt-goy Biden is being told he needs to appoint a reality czar’ and ‘truth commission’ to repel the prospect of goyim further knowing how deep the kosher certified lie goes.

When your “religious texts” are ostensibly an allegorical record of destroying goyim nations, as you reserve hyper exclusionary ethnic nepotism for yourselves, whilst prosecuting White solidarity and arresting Mr. Bond for the crime of based ballads, it’s really that hard to understand why Jews are liked by so few.

Oh gawd! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Food For Thought.

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