Food For Thought – Meme Market Share Is A Shoah


A hilariously fake, yet truthful, headline is doing the rounds:

Just thinking of Joke.

Truthful in the sense that you would be hard pressed to find someone with a three digit IQ who genuinely believes CNN wouldn’t produce such a headline, as CNN is made up of…

Oh gawd

This faux headline caused the kosher fags over at Reuters to get so butt-hurt by the popularity of this true news that they felt compelled to issue a Snopes tier “fact check”:

From Reuters

The week a tug of war between solo stock traders piling into GameStop and seasoned hedge funds betting against the U.S. video game retailer unleashed a wave of copycat trades, social media users shared an alleged screenshot of a CNN headline stating, “White Supremacist Internet Gamers buy Gamestop (sic) stocks to purposefully bankrupt Jewish Hedge Fund on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” The alleged headline, which incorrectly capitalizes some words and not others, is digitally altered. CNN reported no such thing….

Matt Dornic, head of strategic communications for CNN Worldwide, told Reuters via email that the alleged CNN story, headline, and byline (which credits a reporter named “Moshie R. Horowitz”) were all fake.

“CNN did not publish that piece, nor do we employ a writer by that name,” Dornic said. “It’s clear that the image’s creator is trying to pass off anti-Semitism as some sort of satire. It’s not cute or clever – it’s hateful and disgusting.”

Just a reminder Matt Dornic is Jewish, so you might say he is a little biased when it comes to what is and isn’t “cute and clever”.

But if you want to know why “mostly disaffected white people” are going to soon be proverbially buying stonks of anti-Semitism, give this “explainer” by Gabe Friedman over at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency some critical analysis.

Presently the prevailing focus of these “short selling” small hats is to use their affluence to totally gut goyim nations politically, economically and socially. This is partly accomplished by advancing subversive mind chigger cultists, and eliminating White satirists with neurological and psychiatric comorbidities as Leviticus tier scapegoats.

Meanwhile these same Jews want you to be sentenced as criminals for sending Kurt Eichenwald a GIF.

I can’t imagine why some people want the Jews to keep calm and follow Allende.

Food For Thought.

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