Food For Thought – Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia Doesn’t Like Patriots Storming ACTUAL Institutions Of Power

These golem retards have awoken a reckoning, and I’m loving it!

You’ve got to love Antifa for all the right reasons.

Firstly if it wasn’t for this Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia, whose wide sweeping unpopularity has helped increase “anti-Semitism” exponentially and propelled gun touting patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse to cult hero status, you wouldn’t have had the awesome uprising at the Capitol on January 6th.

Let’s face it, Mark Bray’s black bloc cultists have yet to level a full scale assault against an ACTUAL institution of power because they are the useful idiots of the kosher certified power structure.

Hence why Jewish Antifa allies are doubling down by supporting Big Tech mass purges of milquetoast Trump supporters from social media, because if precedent has taught us anything, Jewish commitment to self-fulfilling prophecy supersedes all else.

Admittedly, the Jewish junta of the Zionist Occupation Government has been spearheading social, economic and political repression of the White American citizenry for decades now.

3rd September 1957: Federal troops confront a White student from Little Rock Central High School, Arkansas. It took 10,000 of the National Guard to convince White students that blacks had the supposed “right” to enter the school. Just imagine what would happen when armed forces have to subdue tens of millions of the armed White citizenry this time around.

However Antifa have done more to antagonize “Nazi” amplification than “Nazis” could hope to achieve, simply by explicitly championing the sorts of rhetoric espoused by Jewish journalists (which were otherwise fringe not so long ago).

(((David Rosenbaum))) might want to invest in a bodyguard if he is going to write stuff like this. He might piss off someone with a low threshold for anger like Joe Pesci or something.

Antifa functionally are designed to create an antithesis to the kosher certified thesis so the Jewish establishment can manufacture a synthesis (which this time around they’re calling “the great reset”).

Hence why the MSM, which refers to fully automatic Jewish negro communist rioters burning down cities as “peaceful protesters”, are referring to those who made Congressional war-pigs piss themselves as “White Supremacist domestic terrorists”.

But they may be up a certain creek without a paddle if they think they can subdue tens of millions of Americans who zealously uphold the 2nd Amendment and have no qualms with watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

Meanwhile those of us who still believe the pen is mightier than the sword and that ballads beat Bolshies are having our beliefs reinforced by Antifa allies in the Intelligence communities who seek to lock-up cartoonists.

Food For Thought.

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