Food For Thought – Israel Trained Political Police Are A Bad Joke

Are you laughing at the punchline? Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

This latest article by National Justice editor Eric Striker, outlining the malicious activities perpetrated by the anti-White political police in Britain and America charged with “counter-terrorism”, provides insight to the modus operandi of these Mossad affiliated “intelligence” agencies.

As we’ve seen here in Australia from the likes of former ASIO boss Duncan Lewis, who in 2019 characterised ordinary patriotic White Australians as a threat to their own country, this characterisation is now translating into a Parliamentary inquiry framing nationalists as a clear and present “threat” to Australia.

Hence why the counter-terrorism unit charged with disruption in Victoria are tackling the existential threat posed by a cartoonist who works in aged-care, who doesn’t hold a driver’s license on account of his epilepsy, and is publicly known to have a psychiatric illness relating to said epilepsy.

Thank God for these Israel trained Security Forces charged with targeted repression of political speech in the public interest that rails against multiculturalism, liberalism and Talmudic treason. Because as we know kosher is normal and anyone suggesting White people have a right to exist and prosper is an anti-Semite.

But as XYZers are well aware the neurotic chutzpah of these Jewish groups informing the state and federal political police are directly creating more anti-Semites then any of us humble Haman tier gentiles could hope to achieve.

Thusly the Chabad Lubavitch anti-gentile tyranny that insists gentiles are genetically predisposed to being “anti-Semites” are in fact playing out a self-fulfilling prophecy of feigning oppression as they oppress everyone else on the planet.

Don’t worry if you are not laughing at that punchline.

Food For Thought.

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