Food For Thought – Axis Of Anti-Semitism


A decade before the 2002 State of the Union address where George W. Bush invoked the “axis of evil” phrase, the Israeli-American political scientist Yossef Bodansky wrote a paper entitled “Tehran, Baghdad & Damascus: The New Axis Pact” (August 1992).

1 year 9 months prior to Bush taking the office of President Bodansky authored “Islamic Anti-Semitism As A Political Instrument”, published by The Ariel Center For Policy Research (ACPR) in April, 1999.

Kosher certified blueprint for neo-conservative Zionist wars in the Middle East.

The term “Axis”, historically used by the Zionist “Allied forces” to reference National Socialist Germany and its allies, is now being used to define occidental patriots, Nationalists, Hoppean Libertarians and even milquetoast Trump supporters.

The reason why is because these specific demographics aren’t buying Nathan Cofnas’ thesis as to why Jews disproportionately make up Nobel Prize winners and 11 out of 23 cabinet positions in the Biden administration (keeping in mind ALL of Biden’s living progeny are married to Jews, as is Biden’s VP Kamala Harris).

The “axis of evil” is now a turn of phrase ascribed to what the neo-liberal Zionist establishment refers to as “White Supremacist far right extremists”, as the preoccupation of the Purim Plutocracy is to put gentiles through an Eli Roth tier Mishnah meat grinder in order to advance “greater Israel”.

The sooner you realize the etymology of the word “Axis” in this context the sooner you realize that you and your kin are in the crosshairs of the Zionist Occupied Government.

Food For Thought.

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