51 days later, Trump STILL stands his ground


It has been 51 days since the Democrats rigged the 2020 US Presidential Election and Donald Trump has not yet conceded. Importantly, he looks like he believes he can win.

Not only does Trump look like he believes he will win, the globalist faction behind Harris and Biden look like they believe they can lose. They are reverting to form, staging a bizarre bombing that has all the hallmarks of the staged attack on the Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor several years ago.

Trump is countering this. He has fired traitors and installed loyalists in key posts. He has the army, which is stationed throughout the country ostensibly to assist with coronavirus vaccine logistics, on his side:

And he is calling out the biggest army in the world – The American People – to get out on the streets to essentially occupy the crucial points of US cities on Inauguration Day. 4D Chess may well be an overused meme, but this is what assembling chess pieces looks like.

To reiterate, it looks like Donald Trump plans to assert his power on January 6, 2021.

It must be understood that American democracy is unsalvageable. If Trump is removed, American Patriots will lose all faith in democracy. If Trump rightfully asserts his power, likewise for the media-brainwashed left. There is no point in asserting that he won the election, or even in holding a fresh election free of fraud, because the left will never recognise the result of either. Whichever side wins, the other side is forever alienated. When people lose their faith in democracy, there is only one course of action open to them in order for their voice to be heard – war.

Thus the only option open to Donald Trump is to establish himself as Fuhrer and move as swiftly as possible to eliminate the Democrat and Republican leadership, key deep state lynchpins and their corporate and media cronies.

American patriots will fully support this. It was already understood that the Democrats, the media, entertainment, academia and bureaucracy were on the side of the globalists. Now the Republican Party and the entire judicial arm of the American system have revealed the same. Unleashing the loyal elements within the US military and the mass of Real Americans is thus the only recourse available to Trump in order to retain his rightful power; it is a legitimate course of action precisely because it is his only option left – all peaceful options to do so have been blocked by the corrupt system.

What should Trump do if he follows through with this?

You do not take so serious a course of action to merely maintain the status quo. The last four years, hell the last century, has proved it is impossible to restore American democracy or to “drain the swamp”. Trump must nuke the swamp and destroy democracy in order to restore America. The system must be obliterated to restore the original.

America was established to put Americans and their progeny first. To put Americans first he must end mass immigration, deport all foreigners, and destroy Jewish power. To destroy Jewish power Donald Trump must destroy the Federal Reserve, ban usury and restore the issuance of debt-free money to the government as the Constitution intended.

Americans should be under no illusions as to what happens when a country frees itself from the shackles of Jewish money power. Thus the American people must be prepared to fight two wars – a civil war to retake America from the left, and a world war once it has gained its freedom from the international financial system.

America, and by extension the Aryan race, will have hope if we rise with Americans against our globalist masters. We are fast approaching a moment when everything we have been working towards will come to fruition, and decisive action must be taken.

If Donald Trump does not follow through with this course of action, then it will simply be up to us.