Food For Thought – T-Bone Treaty Against Pintele Pod Power

Is Dvir worried their meals aren’t kosher? Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

An interview conducted last week with Christopher Jon Bjerknes on Adam Green’s Know More News channel about Bjerknes’ new book Beware the World to Come, provided some insightful food for thought about the dynamics between the “Sons of Light” (aka Jews) and “Sons of Darkness” (aka gentiles).

A particular point expressed by Bjerknes was that Jews fear above all the prospect of Christians and Muslims forming an alliance based on common ground.

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

Your XYZ have written previously of this ‘2-pronged attack’ feared by the kosher controlled two-party system, and why the genetically schizophrenic international Jewish organizations fear their Left and Right getting woke to the Jewish agenda.

But with kowed soys bending the knee to the support test for team Talmud it’s worth reiterating Robert Conquest’s 2nd Law of Politics:

Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing

Ergo, any organization that isn’t explicitly pro-gentile (i.e. opposing the Jewish Supremacist agenda of gentile extermination) becomes taken over by Jews.

Hence why Talmudic tech-oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Susan Wojcicki (YouTube), Daniel Schulman (PayPal) utilize the Bayesian network (created by Judea Pearl) to analyse and predict gentile behavior in order to make Larry Fink (BlackRock) tier calculations on which “goyim” groups should be collapsed and acquired.

It’s literally the cyberspace equivalent of alien pods replicating you when you fall asleep like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Question is do you want your collective organizing to be on par with an Israeli 3D-printed kosher certified plant based meat analogue, or do you want it to be on par with a non-kosher (trief) humanely slaughtered porterhouse steak?

Food For Thought.

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