Food For Thought – The First Rule Of Finkel Club Is: Discourage Your Opponent’s Voters

Old hatreds grow stale as motivators. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Apparently team Trump are chanting the MAGA mantra at the moment for these headlines doing the MSN rounds:

Is this a case of mass goldfish syndrome or just cognitive dissonance? Because wasn’t this Trump 3-4 months ago?

But let’s face it Biden is no better. In fact, like Trump, Biden’s family is purely representative of the doctrine in which he abides:

With the Republicans not even dishing up a platform for their convention and the Democrats spending $280 million on advertising it’s safe to say these two kosher candidates will fare well in the Finkel Think ring, particularly with respect to rule 5:

1) Very few elections are won by convincing supporters of other parties or candidate to support your candidates. Their minds are made up by the time the election begins. The trick instead is to discourage supporters of your opponents to vote.

2) To achieve this you run highly personalised negative campaigning against your opponent. Don’t demonise the party, demonise the candidate. People can be made to hate individuals more easily than institutions.

3) Your base must be charged up on an emotional level by fear and hatred of the opponent. Old hatreds grow stale as motivators, so new enemies must be discovered, and if necessary invented.

4) Make the opponent play on your territory by setting the agenda.

5) Facts matter little in the emotional landscape of an election.

Just remember at the end of the day they’re both just awful. Prove me wrong?

Food For Thought

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