Food For Thought – Kosher Is Normal, Whiteness Is Aberration, 2+2=5

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

To recap the racist Rorschach test that was the Joker psy-op, it is supposedly the case that queries concerning the correlation between racism and mental illness are trending (or at least according to the news outlet that were schmoozing up to Michael Forest Reinoehl)

From VICE News

Google searches for “racism is a mental illness” have spiked to a level unseen over the last 10 years, and on Twitter, many have declaratively shared the sentiment. The belief that someone isn’t your equal because of the way they look must mean that person’s brain isn’t working correctly, these people are saying; they are ill.

But the comparison of racism to mental illness is a fraught one. Disability and mental health advocates push back strongly against the association, saying that racism is a choice, while mental disorders, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are not. Calling racism a mental illness perpetuates the stigma around mental illnesses, and continues the practice of using mental health language in a derogatory way. (Think calling situations or people you don’t like “crazy” or “insane.”) The impulse to attribute racist acts and hate crimes to mental illness also conflates mental illness and violence, even though most mentally ill people do not engage in violent acts and are at most risk of harming themselves, not to others.

Naturally the “derogatory way” in which Shayla Love seeks to underpin the separation of mental illness from “hate crimes” and “violence” is one that only applies to White Nationalists.

When you consider the fact that Team Talmud’s anarcho-tyranny dictates that Muslims who kill Westerners are mentally ill, and former organisers for Jewish terrorist groups like Dov Hikind are rolled out as approved guests on Tucker Carlson Tonight, you don’t exactly need to be a brain surgeon to realize the con that’s going on.

The loafing liberals whom invoke mental illness as a way to express their revulsion of normality (aka Whiteness) is ostensibly a means to parasite off the predominantly productive White Right-of-centre straight male tax payers.


Food For Thought.

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