Food For Thought – Enemy Of The Evil Eye, Hero Of The HuWhiteness


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine Kyle Rittenhouse’s circumstance has been forged in the fires of anarcho-tyranny. His case has been thus far handled with a sense of Soviet tier justice, where the criminals are the victims and the victim the criminal.

This is so obvious to the average citizen that if Kyle is crucified by the courts things may well get more heated than they are now. Particularly given the fact that the shots fired by Kyle continue to reverberate throughout the internet, illustrating the nefarious hand wringing responsible for this “world repair”:

Kyle Rittenhouse probably doesn’t identify as a White Nationalist or a National Socialist but it’s safe to bet the Zionist Occupation Government, full of perverted child raping kleptocrats and skeksis looking kritarchs, consider him as such.

Functionally speaking, Kyle imbues the actions of a national justice warrior, and no matter how his enemies seek to denigrate and undermine him with the broader publics of the world, the fact is Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.

Hail Rittenhouse!

Food For Thought.

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