Food For Thought – Denial In Dan-nation

Danniella Anjews loves Dvir! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

A week or so ago there had been some street scribbling that quickly received an overwhelming amount of importance from powerful rank-and-file Zionist occupation politicians and pundits who crawled over one another to condemn it.

Funny how out of all the issues screwing over Victoria under the Andrews regime at the moment that some graffiti took such a priority of concern in the headlines.

But having previously questioned similar scrawlings which annually make the pages of ECAJ reports it takes deep denial to remain ignorant to the perpetual ploy being waged against the goy:

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich, who likes to level the label of “denier” against anyone making his precious atrocity propaganda look like a joke whilst his most visible deceivers require Hollywood magic to make them seem credible, is the proverbial supplier of estrogen transitioning Victoria’s balls into discarded SRS post-op waste.

Why is it that Dvir, a dual national employed to install doublethink into our state’s institutions, is allowed to set the agenda?

Food For Thought.

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