Simon Hickey’s Story

Simon Hickey.

Editor: The following is a letter sent to The XYZ by Simon Hickey. Simon Hickey gained notoriety for sponsoring the Daily Stormer via his business, Smerff Electrical. The letter, aside from his brief introductory comments to the editor, is published in full and unedited, and details his account of events which led to his imprisonment.

The XYZ has reported briefly on a segment run by A Current Affair on Hickey, and you can read a brief account of events, which links through to further news stories and blog posts, at One Angry Gamer here.


My name is Simon Hickey. I am the owner of Smerff Electrical, an openly nationalist business based in Queensland. For the last five years I have been targeted and harassed by the Queensland government, the culmination of which was my jail sentence imposed on September the 19th of 2019. I had the honour of being the first Australian to be jailed for expressing an opinion online.

The state sponsored harassment started slowly at first, once my association with the Daily Stormer became public knowledge. I was targeted for all sorts of interference, audits, investigations and license refusals. I had my blue card revoked because I moved house without telling the authorities. I then had my home raided by armed police at dawn in October of 2017 for the heinous crime of installing security cameras on my own home without the proper permit. Video of raid is here

As the reader may be aware, I am a licensed and insured electrician who employed a dozen other people in a small electrical business in Brisbane. The home invasion had nothing to do with me installing security equipment. It was staged because of the opinions I hold, and express online. The state government of Queensland was using any excuse to sabotage my business and personal life.

My company had zero customer complaints to any government body three years running prior to that first raid. We did 700+ electrical installations per year. That track record speaks volumes for our integrity and professionalism. It didn’t deter the Queensland government from attempting to destroy me for expressing opinions they didn’t endorse.

During that first raid the rabid left wing activists masquerading as government investigators stole everything in my office, contacted all of my regular customers and took the business website off line. The intention was to break the business, but they failed. We recovered quickly because our phone just kept ringing.

Following that first raid, we were hit four more times, for a total of five armed government raids on my home in three years. The second raid footage is captured here

The fifth raid is here

Police stole the footage of other raids though we are in the process of recovering it.

Each successive raid took its toll on myself and my business. Our office equipment was stolen on every occasion, and most of it still hasn’t been returned. I have a wife and a daughter to take care of. After the fifth raid, I had enough and we left our home to go live in New South Wales. I had to leave a million dollar business that I had built from scratch because the state funded intimidation was never going to cease. I made that decision in June of 2019, but that didn’t deter the Queensland authorities.

I had been documenting the entire process, uploading the CCTV of the raids, photos of the corrupt police officers involved, trying to make the public aware of the lengths our government will go to, to keep people from expressing their opinions. I had written several articles detailing the misconduct and corruption at work in Queensland’s courts and public service. Those articles were posted online in various locations. The articles claims were very specific, for which I had extensive experience and documentation. I wrote that the courts in Queensland were discriminating against white men on a regular basis, they were hiding their records, and they were treating the general public with contempt. On 19th of September 2019 I was jailed for nine months for writing those articles.

There is some confusion as to the exact nature of the prison sentence that was imposed. Current media and online sources are saying that I was jailed for contempt of court for failing to remove the articles when requested. This is not the case. I was jailed for contempt of court under a little known piece of Australian legislation which enables them to punish for contempt if a person speaks or writes in such a way as to ‘deprive the public of confidence in the court system’ these words were the exact ones used by the judge.

The reader should draw his own conclusions from this sequence of events, but I would suggest that if my articles were untrue then they would have been ignored. Who cares what some random electrician from the suburbs thinks? Unless….

I spent the next (last) twelve months in Brisbane Correctional Centre with criminals and other assorted assholes. I should make a point of saying here that there are a significant percentage of decent men behind bars, somewhere around 10% would be my estimate. It was in their company that I spent most of my time. The rest I spent in the legal resources centre studying all aspects of Australian law. During this time I stumbled on a number of irregularities surrounding my jail sentence, which the reader may be interested to know.

I was extradited to Queensland from New South Wales, in handcuffs, on a civil matter. Australian law doesn’t allow for extradition on civil matters. Civil law participation is always voluntary, because there are no criminal charges. It usually revolves around debts or contract disputes, defamation etc. If you don’t participate the court may find against you in your absence, but it has no powers of arrest and detention. I didn’t know any of this until I was taken from the cells under the Supreme Court into the courtroom, and the judge motioned me forward to the defendant’s bench, out of the custodial dock. The charge that I was facing stated that ‘I had deprived the public of confidence in the court system’. I had scandalised the courts, and that was considered contempt of court. There is no criminal charge in any Australian jurisdiction of scandalising the courts. It is a civil matter, and only the Uniform Civil procedure Rules apply.

But that wasn’t the only fishy thing I had to contend with. I was extradited from my home in New South Wales on the 28th of August and didn’t front court in Queensland until the 19th of September. The day I arrived in jail I made my first request to read the laws under which I was charged. That was ignored so I made a further three written and numerous verbal requests. All were ignored. My final written letter to the governor of the prison stated that ‘I am entitled to see the law under which I am charged’. That too was ignored. I was forced to front the Supreme Court, unrepresented, without notes or access to the laws under which I was being tried.

Needless to say that my attempts to defend myself were unsuccessful. If you read the transcript, I think you will find I did the best I could under the circumstances. Everything I said was polite, relevant and truthful. I even made a point of saying to the judge that every statement I had made online could be shown to be true, and in the public interest. And as such, is protected under Australian law. The judge refused to even explore the possibility of my statements being true, dismissing my suggestions by saying ‘I’ve heard that already’.

In the end he gave me nine months jail, and I served twelve of my nine months.

The astute reader might notice that a nine month jail sentence usually means that you go home after nine months but they’d be wrong. This is Queensland, and the law is whatever they decide on the day. My release date came and went, so I made enquiries as to what the fuck was going on. It seems that just days prior to my release, Queensland police laid further charges that I had used a carriage service to menace harass or offend some of my own friends, by sharing a link of the Christchurch attack in March of 2019. It should be noted that this footage didn’t become illegal to share until April of 2019.

The interesting part of this story is that my friends didn’t realise that they had been offended by my text, until I wrote to them and sent a copy of the police brief. The Queensland police had decided that my friends were offended, without even speaking to them first. I was charged on that basis. Once I had written to these people and asked them to contact police and enquire as to how the police could allege they were offended without asking them, the whole house of cards began to crumble.

The charges haven’t been withdrawn, but I was able to obtain bail on these offences as of the 4th of August 2020. After nearly twelve months of a nine month sentence.

I am fearful that my release from custody is only temporary, that a plan is in place to put me away more permanently next time. I am doing everything by the book until I am able to leave this insane banana republic. Now that I have seen the absolute hypocrisy, deceit and dishonesty which occur daily in our judicial system, I know how easily they can make someone disappear into the system.

I have written to XYZ, Andrew Anglin and the Stormer, to draw attention to this insane series of events. So that other white working men are aware of the tactics employed by Western governments to silence any opposition to their policies. I thought I had nothing to fear from police and government because I wasn’t a criminal. I had a twenty five year steady work history, a certificate showing no criminal convictions and a reputation for honesty. That all meant nothing when they decided to shut me up. I still ended up in jail because I sponsored the Stormer.

Do I regret my association with Anglin and the Stormer? Not at all. I regret the enormous loss and anxiety is has caused myself and my family, but none of that was my doing. We were minding our own business, doing electrical work and poking fun at the holocau$t when these evil parasites forced their way into my home and personal life. Even after serious, repeated, unjustified provocations, I haven’t taken any violent action in response. I still believe that our final victory is inevitable, and we don’t need to resort to those sorts of tactics. We will be victorious without violence because of our integrity, our righteousness and our persistence.

I would like to thank Andrew Anglin for publicising my plight, as well as all the people who sent me mail in prison. Their words of encouragement around Christmas 2019 really meant a lot. Amon Goth, Bill Nelson and Hermann Venus, a bloke from Ireland his name escapes me now. If there are others I missed then I apologise, the prison was stealing both incoming and outgoing mail there for a little bit.

The above story is entirely accurate, though incomplete. I spent the time inside writing a complete account of every event leading up to my arrest and incarceration. The intimate details of life behind bars and a no bullshit account of what life is really like in a modern Australian prison. That book will be published under the title of SURVIVING PRISON by Simon Hickey.