Food For Thought – Working Class Whites vs. Kosher Kleptocratic Kritarchy

The Anti-Defamation League typifies the Talmudic sentiment of those they affirm. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

We’re experiencing levels of Jewry that shouldn’t be possible these days. Clown-word has transitioned from “Looting stores and burning buildings isn’t looting, it’s protesting” to “It’s okay to steal from local businesses, it’s for a good cause and they have insurance” to “We need to get violent because that’s the only way White people will listen” to…

From WSLS 10 News

Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.

Protesters tore down police tape and pushed forward toward Richmond police headquarters, where they set a city dump truck on fire.

Police declared the event an “unlawful assembly” and ordered people to leave, later deploying tear gas.

Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, a Black Democrat who is a noted signatory of an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) battleplan, and Black Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith typify the good optic “groid golems” advancing kosher tall-tales against America’s White working-class.

Organised Jewish groups like the ADL consider working-class White gentiles to be genetically predisposed to being “anti-Semites” and the greatest hurdle to total hasbara induced hegemony over the planet.

I mean who can argue against the ADL’s logic, particularly when their organisation was formed to protect B’nai B’rith chapter president Leo Frank, who was convicted of raping and murdering a 13 year old White girl named Mary Phagan who worked in Frank’s factory? I wonder if Levar Stoney or Gerald Smith would even care that they attempted to blame the crimes on a Black janitor named Jim Conley working for Leo Frank?

With the ADL engaging in apologetics for a group of currency collapsing, porn peddling, Moloch worshipping, child abducting, extortionist scamming murderers, can we really say their working class White nemesis are the bad guys?

Food For Thought.

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