Food For Thought – Venom Of The Zionist Snakes And Their EHMs

Nothing more deadly to the worldly body than the bite from the Zionist snake. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Following up on my previous Food For Thought from Thursday last week, it appears President Talmud Trump and his Zionist economic hit men (EHMs) buddies on Wall Street are gleefully wringing their hands over levelling severe hardship against the Hezbollah state and Lebanon’s people more broadly:
From The Wall Street Journal

The Trump administration is preparing to impose anticorruption sanctions against prominent Lebanese politicians and businessmen in an effort to weaken Hezbollah’s influence in the aftermath of last week’s explosion in Beirut’s port, according to U.S. officials and others familiar with the plans.

The blast, which killed at least 160 people and injured thousands more, has accelerated efforts in Washington to blacklist Lebanese leaders aligned with Hezbollah, the country’s dominant political and military force, according to these people.

For the most corrupt plutocratic parasites on the planet to accuse the Hezbollah government of corruption is beyond a joke! These verminous Zionist founders of terrorism, whom oversee the largest organised killing machine in history, are today able to bomb civilian infrastructure and then add insult to injury by ostensibly charging said civilians for the pleasure.

These Zionist criminals, who manipulate mass propaganda by rigging algorithms on internet search engines, have been going nuclear with their suppression of facts about what they carried out against Lebanon and its people.

Solidarity with the Lebanese people means nothing if the TRUE culprits who carried out this vile, venomous attack are not named and dealt with! To hell with the Zionist Occupation Government of America and it’s satanic masters in Israel!

Food For Thought.

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