Food For Thought – The Rootless Cosmopolitans That Cried Werwolf

Funny how the more you know the more they shake with anger. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Roughly a year ago I wrote a Food For Thought that raised some questions as to how “White Supremacy” is to be blamed for the subversive circus that has engulfed America.

With lawlessness ostensibly legalised and White males professing Christian and/or Nationalist sentiment criminalised, people who’ve objectively looked at the case of Kyle Rittenhouse this last week have rightly noted the inversion of justice coming from both the pernicious political cartels that reign over America for the benefit of the rootless cosmopolitans.


Nationalists, who fundamentally hold no influence over the institutions of power, are the polar opposite to the rootless cosmopolitans who’ve used their parasitic influence to systematically oppress and collapse their host country.

Whether it be the unfettered decadence or the unhinged rioters, the tone-deaf kosher approved propaganda constantly raising alarm about “White Supremacist terrorism” is fast falling on deaf ears, as well as actively causing people to break with the cognitive dissonance that props up Allied forces “denazification” dogma.

With the rate of gentile apathy and anger increasing towards the tribe of Joseph Rosenbaum, who’ve time and time again played out this self-fulfilling Haman tier prophecy, it’s important to keep in mind that the proverbial fangs that end up ripping into their alien antagonist throats will embalm an important principle and a long running precedent.

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