Food For Thought – The International Few Want To Kill You

Name the incorporated transnational evil! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Readers might have noticed it’s been getting more explosive in Beirut at the moment…

Some people (myself included) think it’s a certain group of terrorists with Tay-Sachs disease, and if you think we’re being paranoid you only have to read the reports coming from the prominent Sheldon Adelson owned publication based in Israel a day before the “attack” (to quote President Donald Trump)…

From Israel Hayom

Lebanon is in dire economic, health, and social straights. The last thing it needs it war, let alone with Israel.

Trying to even the playing field, both Hezbollah and the Lebanese government have made it clear that any Israeli strike would be tantamount to a declaration of war that would be waged under the dogma of “an eye for an eye.”

Israel cannot afford to be the first to blink. If Hezbollah insists on playing a game of chicken on Lebanese soil – so be it.

Of course to even postulate that Zionists are the culprits is a major thought-crime against the strategic pandering of the plutocrats to the uncritically thinking plebs who’re inculcated on Allied forces denazification dogma.

To say these animal torturing, child mutilating, shuckling shysters are doing a terrorism is to put you on the “neo-Nazi terrorist” hitlist.

But to recap a previous Quote of the Day if we don’t address the foundations of The Chosen Supremacist empire of lies the effective counter-balance (Whiteness) will continue to disappear and the inhumane hasbara hegemony of Isra-hell will engulf the earth.

Food For Thought.

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