Food For Thought – The Big Two Don’t Want You To Have A Clue

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

America, like Australia, is seemingly ruled over by two political cartels with the same gang colours as the Bloods and Crips. However in reality the two are really one entity synergistically working in tandem to screw over the citizenry whom they have seething disdain for.

If I were to illustrate it another way…

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

Team Red (Republicans), who are typified by those in the QAnon milieu, are devoted to providing cover for a certain country who specialises in producing professional predators like Arie Scher. The rank and file zealots of Team Red would rather have you fixated on overpaid Hollywood butt-goy stooges like Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber and Robert DeNiro as a Leviticus tier scapegoat.

But I suppose as long as collusion for the re-election of President Talmud Trump and kosher Team Woman distracts you from foreign affairs and focuses one’s attention on the fight against anti-Semites like those Demonrats all will be good, right?

The Democrats (Team Blue), with their decreeing ANTIFA “courageous” and laughably postulating that “white supremacy” is the repository of all blame in the world, are too led by pro-Israel zealots.

Heck, Biden and Harris are so pro-Israel they’ll gladly beg Benjamin Netanyahu for the right to put Americans through another proverbial meat-grinder for Israeli expansion.

Fact is, America’s government consists of a bunch of kosher approved carpetbaggers, con-artists and criminals, and the only solution for this kind of pollution is White Revolution!

Food For Thought.

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