Food For Thought – AI Needs IQ Lowered To Be “Post-Racial”

A Tay a day makes the Talmud worshipper pay. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

From the University who proudly stood by Prof. Priyamvada “White Lives Don’t Matter” Gopal comes another astounding mind-bending journey into derangement.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has a ‘whiteness’ that stops humanity associating people of colour with our technologically-advanced future.

That’s the message from a team of researchers who believe this will worsen racial inequality over time.

University of Cambridge experts suggest current portrayals and stereotypes about AI risk creating a ‘racially homogeneous’ workforce of aspiring technologists, creating machines with bias baked into their algorithms.

The scientists say cultural depictions of AI as white need to be challenged, as they do not offer a ‘post-racial’ future but rather one from which people of colour are simply erased.

Ostensibly Cambridge is saying that triple digit IQ White excellence is problematic for those darker regions of the globe who have an average IQ in the double digits.

Hence the Cambridge solution for “racial equality” is to give our artificial intelligence a prefrontal lobotomy so to speak.

Food For Thought.

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