We need to talk about black violence


Since the Western Marxists captured our campuses in the late 60’s, the seeds of an identity cult of hatred against whites have been sown ceaselessly in our lecture halls and classrooms.

Now we’re seeing the harvest.




Even Ernie Drongo, inventor of the magical smoking ceremony, can’t keep his fists to himself.

Punching white Nazis is legal and hurting brown feelings is illegal in the postmodern diversity utopia of 2020 Australia.

It wasn’t always like this. We used to be able to say 2 + 2 = 4 without the whole damn place losing their minds.

Because those same Western Marxists who captured our campuses have controlled our culture and the state bureaucracy, we haven’t been allowed to notice that groups are different. Not even in the privacy of our own minds. We’ve had to lie to ourselves and pretend that men and women and gays and straights and blacks and browns and yellows and whites are all the same and if you disagree you’re just a racist bigot homophobe who doesn’t deserve a job and should be gassed.

Now, the utopian identity cult has turned into a rabidly violent, Jacobin-style rebellion against the very foundations of our society. At the moment, they’re tearing down statues and conducting public humiliation rituals. This is just the beginning. Next comes book burnings, church burnings, show trials and then public executions. You probably think this can’t happen. So did the French in 1788, the Russians in 1916 and the Cambodians in 1974. The thing is, it always happens when the Satanic cult of utopian political idealism takes root in the febrile minds of unstable losers and those losers gain power.

Those unstable minds are full of lies. Lies about the nature of power, about what determines wealth disparity and about the inevitability of hierarchy in society. Lies about class, gender, race, culture, religion and variations between groups. Worshiping an ideal of diversity, they ignore its reality.

Having learned nothing except envy and hatred at school, they want to burn the world down.

We have a hard road as a society facing the unpleasant truths these Western Marxist utopians have suppressed for decades. If we don’t do it fast, however, we make the worst excesses of previous communist revolutions inevitable.

The only way we avoid the ruptures seen in the Old World last century here in the New World this century is by boldly and unflinchingly facing hard truths.

So let’s start. I’ll go first.

Black people are violent. Not all black people, of course. That’s silly. We’re talking about groups, not every individual within a given group. We’ve all met individuals who are nothing like the pattern of their group. Using that as a reason to deny those patterns, however, is dishonest.

It’s undeniable that sub-Saharan Africans on the whole are more violent than other races. Particularly young, black men.

That’s not the only truth we need to face, either.

Women are weaker and less emotionally stable than men. East Asians are smarter than other racial groups, and commit violent crimes less often. Indigenous peoples around the world struggle with alcohol dependence and poor cultural practices to support individual flourishing. Middle Eastern and low-caste Indian men rape women at much higher rates than other races. Transgenderism correlates with mental illness.

It’s just reality. It’s how and who we are. How we deal with these realities is up to us as a society to determine. Some are cultural differences, and some are biological differences. Some are both. Pretending that differential group outcomes are the result of white male bigotry, however, has to stop. It’s toxic, it’s divisive and it’s just not true. Different groups do better or worse in different domains because of the characteristics of those groups, not because of the external structures of society.

This is not white supremacy or white privilege. It’s just reality.

So why do so many people think that way?

Where do such beliefs about evil white male structures of oppression come from? Who created them?

Which group spread such dangerous, destabilising ideas that have caused so much suffering, misery and wasted human potential?

And, now that these lies have been used to start a race war in the West, who’s pushing this agenda?

In short, who’s engineering all this mayhem?

If only we could identify what group is pitting all of us against each other, we could do something about it.

Like talk to them, you know, about why they have dedicated themselves to getting the rest of humanity to turn on each other.

Really, it must just all be a misunderstanding.

There has to be a simple explanation for why they would do such a thing.

No-one sane would be so reckless as to think that they could start a race war and everybody else not, like, notice?


Maybe they were picked on a long time ago, and rather than forgive and forget they are consumed with a supremacist zeal to destroy the civilisation which they believe persecuted them so unfairly.

Perhaps they have a religious belief that it is their racial destiny to rule the world after destroying it, and so they’re just following the plan.

That sounds like a pretty crazy plan though.

Like, what if they’re wrong?

What if they’re not going to rule the world?

I’m pretty sure that, after everybody’s noticed that this mysterious group turned everyone against each other, they’re going to turn on them.

That’s just logical.

Maybe this group has a plan for that too.

It’s exhausting even thinking about having to have that many schemes.

Or maybe the people engineering this race war, and the collapse of America and the West with it, don’t have a plan at all.

Maybe it’s just hate.

Enmity with all of humanity, or something like that.

If that’s the case, then it’s hard to even be angry about what they’re doing.

That makes it just really pathetic.

Like burning your house down because you don’t like your housemates.


It looks less like a clever plan and more like a mental illness then.

I sure wish we could figure out who these people are though, and talk about it, and stop things before they get any worse.

It’s a mystery.

By all means, let’s talk about white privilege. Let’s talk about domestic violence. Let’s talk about police corruption.

We also though need to talk about black violence.

And, for everyone’s sake, it’s beyond time we talk about who’s making us all hate each other.

Originally published at End Times Herald.