The mainstream media remain a serious threat to national security

Literally everywhere in America, right now. Source.

Imagine someone that lived in your neighbourhood continuously falsely reported houses on fire to the fire brigade or crimes to the Police, and when the respective authorities arrived, this person simply claimed that they were mistaken and that they’re well within their right to get things wrong. This would be of particular concern if there were fires and crimes being committed elsewhere which would warrant the authority’s attention and resources. After a while the authorities would likely deem this person insane, criminally negligent or just plain criminalistic and take some kind of action. Said action would be taken not only to thwart this individual’s behaviour, but to ensure that it isn’t mimicked by other members of the community and potentially cause chaos. Making a hoax call to an emergency call service is a Commonwealth offence, which is reflected in section 474.18 Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth). This is a crime for obvious reasons, the emergency services need to react to real emergencies and do not have the time or resources to deal with people making false claims of emergencies whether out of humour, incompetence or something more sinister.

Now consider the fact that for two years the mainstream media directed massive public attention to an illegally launched investigation into the Trump campaign, claiming that there had been some kind of collusion with Russia in order for Trump’s team to win the 2016 US federal election. We know in hindsight that this was a malicious and baseless coup attempt by the Democrats, but it was much more than that. While the public had their attention diverted to a false emergency, Beijing had been designing and testing various chemical and biological agents in their military laboratories. This is not to say that much could have been done to stop them, but understanding the manner in which they would likely lie if a virus leaked would have greatly assisted the rest of the world in containing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, also known as China-pox. Our intelligence services allocate their resources in accordance with what their national leaders deem important national security issues. They are of course guided primarily by various experts and have their own analysts and operatives that gain intelligence both covertly and overtly. But the Prime Minister and relevant ministers make decisions based on a combination of what they are told by the intelligence community, while also being guided by public sentiment. If the public sentiment is focussed on a non-issue or an elaborate hoax, then vital intelligence resources can potentially be dispatched to areas where they are not needed. This is a serious concern when there are more serious national security threats developing. The mainstream media causes this mass diversion onto non-issues at the expense of pubic safety. The only difference between the annoying neighbour mentioned earlier and the MSM is the sheer scale of damage that can be caused by their false claims.

At the time of writing, parts of the US are burning and the national guard has been deployed to some cities to quell the violence sparked by the death of George Floyd who died while being apprehended by Minneapolis Police officer, Derek Chovaun. On June 3rd 2020 an article by Sophie Lewis was posted on the CBS News website entitled ‘A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won’t face charges’. The article reads:

“During protests in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend, a black activist was shot and killed by a white bar owner after a fight broke out. The county attorney said the shooter will not face charges because he was “defending himself.” … James Scurlock, 22, was killed by Jacob Gardner, the owner of the Hive Bar and Gatsby Bar in Omaha’s Old Market neighbourhood around midnight Saturday in the midst of protests against police brutality …. The Douglas County Attorney’s Office determined Gardner acted in self-defense (sic) after interviewing the shooter and reviewing videos of the incident.

“There was a consensus… that the actions of the shooter were justified,” County Attorney Don Kleine said during a briefing Monday. “There wasn’t any big disagreement about what happened here”.

There is an abundance of ‘reporting’ in this manner with too numerous examples to examine here, and they all – of course – follow the narrative set forth by race baiting Neo-Marxists/Anarcho-Communists. Unfortunately, very few people read much beyond headlines particularly when there is a constant flow of information on the internet. Many readers simply scroll until they see something that is of explicit interest to them. Even for those that read the text, many will be already convinced that the title more or less sums up what they need to know. This is what click bait culture is all about and it has very serious ramifications. Stefan Molyneux tweeted something to the effect of:

‘If its dangerous to scream fire in a packed theatre, then its dangerous to scream racist during a race riot’.


In our present climate, being publicly labelled a racist in the US will likely result in serious injury or death at the hands of Anarcho-Communists. In this sense the mainstream media is acting no differenty than Radio Television Des Milles Collines, the Rwandan broadcaster that encouraged the mass slaughter over the radio in 1994.

And there’s much money to be made for media outlets in fuelling a civil war. Kagan are a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence that forecasted that in 2020:

“Fox News Channel will make $1.32 billion in advertising … while CNN will make $773.1 million and MSNBC $723.1 million. Each amount represents an increase from the previous year: up 7.9 percent for Fox, 11.7 percent for CNN and 0.8 percent for MSNBC”.

It might be easy to think that this is due to 2020 being an election year but these amounts are significantly higher than the 2016 election year. Even the global pandemic has done little to slow down the revenue generated by advertising.

It’s quite a simple process and follows as such: the media make money off advertising revenue, advertisers will pay more depending on how wide the viewership/readership is, more clicks generate higher viewership/readership stats, hyper-sensationalism attracts more clicks. What we’re left with is a business model that thrives off producing only the most hyperbolic, emotionally charged content with total disregard for objective facts even to the detriment of our civilisation’s moral fabric. This type of business model is morally indistinguishable from that of narco-terrorists. Cause chaos in the community to generate wealth and operate with no accountability as a state within a state.

As the US descends further into civil war, the MSM has become a mechanism to divert the public’s attention from the crimes of the powerful elite Marxist cabal. All while they generate wealth off sewing the seeds of division and have directed violent action against their ideological opponents. At this moment in time, they are morally indistinguishable from some of the worst threat actors that one might find in Guantanamo Bay. For this reason, its time to be reminded of the bitter fact that the mainstream media remain a serious threat to national security.

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Samuel Medici
Samuel studied International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies and is deeply interested in conflict and strategy. He first became interested in Geopolitics after listening to a rap group known as the Outlaws who's individual rappers are named after military dictators, a couple of whom have now been deposed. The ingenious, proportionate and moral application of aggression are a common theme in Samuel's writing, along with an eloquently sinister red pilling with the intent of decimating the Neo-Marxist status quo. One might say, a red pillaging. Samuel served in the Australian Army. He draws inspiration for his writing from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Dinesh D'Souza, Steven Crowder, Eazy E, Tywin Lannister and Conan the Barbarian. His long term aspiration is to see leftist thought diagnosed as a character disorder and no longer serve as a political leaning.