The Jewish origins of the utopian identity cult


Western Marxism has achieved its objective of weaponising every loser against every winner.

Even London, the mother city of the West, is overrun by the savages it once believed it could civilise.

In Ireland, the country most mistreated by the English, white boys are getting stabbed by oppressed potential neurosurgeons because they’re racist too.

It won’t be long before racist white kids are getting stabbed by oppressed potential neurosurgeons here too. The campus Marxists and their media and political enablers are making sure of it.

This is the “Slave Map of Modern Australia”. In 1891, it was printed in the British Anti-Slavery Reporter, a journal…

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I keep saying it because it’s important. Get out of the cities. Get a plot of land and grow your food. Put your wealth into private assets like real estate owned outright and precious metals. Plug into a church.

Plan around the 5 B’s: beans, bullets, band-aids, Bitcoin and a band of brothers to help defend it all. This collapse is going to get messy before it’s through.

Abandon the cities. Let the monuments be torn down and the cathedrals torched. The age is coming to an end. There is no resurrecting it. Prepare for the next.

One group, of course, can’t contain their glee at the destruction of the monuments to our greatness.

Conservatives are obliging the group behind the Great White Iconoclasm by dutifully misdirecting their ire at Antifa.

Like ISIS, Antifa are useful bogeymen to display in front of the gullible Western audience.

But who created them? Who funds them? Who directs their efforts?

Jews, that’s who. And Jews know it. You’re not allowed to say it, but they boast about it.

Antifa is a Jewish creation and is still controlled by the Jewish organisations. That’s why they never criticise Israel, they never call out the money power behind the injustices of the world system and they obsess about a German political movement which was defeated 75 years ago by the people Antifa are now calling Nazis.

Here’s a statue we can appreciate. ⁠

In Sweden there are statues to commemorate the day when Danuta Danielsson, a…

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I don’t think that statue will be coming down. It really is amazing how many of them survived.

The whole thing is mind control. But why?

There are an immediate and an ultimate answer to this. The first pertains to men, the second pertains to a millennia-long drama between the forces of good and evil which will come to a head in our lifetimes. The first answer is Jewish supremacism. It is a deeply held and unshakeable belief on the part of the Jews, atheist, reformed and orthodox, that Jews have a unique destiny to repair or restore the world. In the Jewish mind, it is the divinely ordained role of the Jews to rule the goyim. This belief derives from Kabbalistic doctrines which state that Jewish souls are shards of the original vessels of creation which broke when the deity Ein Sof poured itself out into them. The Jewish people coming together in Palestine is therefore a restoration of the divine order, and will trigger an age of global awakening and enlightenment. Under Jewish control, of course. This belief that it is the role of the Jews to fix a broken creation is called Tikkun Olam in modern Hebrew.

Jews are obsessed with it.

Tikkun Olam these days is central to Jewish identity. Debates within Jewry revolve mainly around how to interpret Tikkun Olam, with Marxist Jews aligning it with globohomo ideology and Zionist Jews aligning it with the establishment of a Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates to rule the world.

This is of more than just passing interest to anyone trying to understand the chaos being unleashed by the utopian identity cult in the West, and also the bloody history of political utopianism in the twentieth century. If you want to avoid more outbursts of concentration camps, gulags, death marches, killing fields and ideologically-motivated genocides in the 21st century, understanding the impact of Jewish Tikkun Olam thinking on modernity is crucial.

From the article linked in the tweet above:

A distinct transformation occurred in European thought during the period from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, and we’ve been living with it ever since. I never heard it explained properly why Europeans went from a moral-divine worldview to a rational-materialist one during the transition into modernity. It just never made sense and it always frustrated me that I couldn’t interpret such a vital historical topic well to my students.

That was because the answer was illegal. The shift to modernity was a shift from a Godly to a Luciferian way of thinking, and it was driven by the introduction of Jewish doctrines from the Talmud and Kabbalah into the swelling intelligentsia of the European cities. This is what gave birth to political progressivism, and the rise of the left since the French Revolution.

It birthed the secret societies which have flourished since then such as the Freemasons. They are the mystery cults of antiquity reborn.

It also began the process of driving Christianity from the public space and inverting the moral order of a Godly society.

So while the first answer to the question about why our statues are coming down relates to the influence of Jewish religious beliefs since the beginning of modernity, the second one is far more comprehensive.

It’s also why I’m not an ‘anti-Semite’. I don’t hate the Jews, at all.

Because this agenda isn’t from the Jews. It’s from Satan. He’s the enemy, not them.

Being at war with God, Jews worship Satan as their champion. They chose him over Christ at the cross. He has blessed them with the temporary fruit of the world. Their worldly success is undeniable. But it’s ultimately a curse, and it’s why they are to be pitied, not hated.

The sorceries of the Kabbalah and esoteric mysteries of the Talmudic are not really ‘Jewish’. They derive from the Babylonian mystery religion. Through the Luciferian ‘Enlightenment’ and the Satanic secret societies this cult has been brought out into the open in the modern period just prior to its destruction forever. This will be carried out by God at the destruction of Mystery Babylon foretold in Revelation 17.

The rabbis tell the Jews that they suffer due to this role as planet’s redeemers and that they will rule it once their Moshiach, their Messiah, appears. The split within Jewry is largely between the Marxists and the Zionists, but even that is a front. The struggle that Churchill identified 100 years ago is a dialectic which ultimately is working toward the same Jewish supremacist goal.

The rabbis are united in the view that this era of Jewish rule is imminent. Seeing how they stretch events and distort scripture to try and justify it is laughable, though.

The Jewish utopia is always just around the bend once the evil nations of the goyim are destroyed entirely. That’s the mentality.

Jewish Messianic utopianism believes that the world will fall apart in disorder prior to the Olam HaMoshiach: the period during which the Jewish Messiah will rule the world. As it turns out, the world order created by Zionism and cultural Marxism is making exactly that occur.

London police have celebrated sodomy and Islam for years now. Now we see the consequences.

Sweden has opened its borders up to Muslims and Africans to an extent shocking even by European standards. Their banquet of consequences is served halal and kosher.

Both sides of the Marxist-Zionist dialectic are united in their hatred of us and their belief that deceiving goyim is necessary and benevolent because until we submit to them we are just hateful, ignorant animals.

Anti-white ideology is foundational to being Jewish. The difference between left-wing atheist-Marxist Jews and right-wing religious-Zionist Jews is only one of strategy. Left-wing Jews are focused on destroying Christian nations in order to eradicate opposition to their agenda of moral inversion.

Right-wing Jews are focused on bringing goyim into subservience in preparation for the reign of the Moshiach and the subjugation of the world under Greater Israel.

Both hate the views of the other, yet both are working toward creating the same beast system in the Middle East. By the end of this, Western civilisation will have been demolished. The centuries-long war on Christendom will be over, and the Jews will think they have won. That’s why they are cheering the current wave of iconoclasm against us.

Jewish power in the fields of finance, media, entertainment and politics are well known. These are secondary forms of power, however, in that they rely upon Jews being able to continue manipulating the American public and controlling the American elite. Both of those are unstable bases for Israeli hegemony going forward.

To secure their control of the Middle East as changing global weather patterns due to the Grand Solar Minimum turn North Africa and the Middle East into a new fertile grow zone, Israel has bet big on technology. They are taking over much of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and their cyber espionage program is second only to the United States.

Here’s Bibi boasting about it.

His admission that Israel is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence sharing program is also deeply shocking. Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent to the NSA, is larger than the British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cyber defence arms. This means that all intelligence collected by Western agencies is shared with Israel, despite no Western politicians having admitted to this situation.

How do they get away with it?

They must have a very powerful god.

A new empire is emerging in the world, secured by the immunity its people enjoy from criticism and the co-option and corruption of the American ruling class. America is still powerful militarily, but it is being ripped apart ideologically and it is drowning in debt. The Six Eyes are now emerging as a new political formation, under Jewish control.

EXCLUSIVE: The Five Eyes intelligence network of Australia, the US, Britain, Canada and New Zealand has agreed to…

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Six eyes to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. In my view, this is Mystery Babylon. The final beast empire Satan uses to make war against the saints.

A merger has occurred between the US-controlled West and Israel. Mike Pence made it clear in remarks recently that Israel is not just an ally of the US. It’s an extension of it.

Freemasons have long disguised themselves as Christians as they strive to rebuild Solomon’s temple.

The fear of the Jews is now so palpable across the world that only fringe voices criticise them. Not long now before this drama of the ages reaches its final climax.

The one group who may not be criticised, while implicitly Christian whites are increasingly vilified across our culture.

When you see brainwashed whites kneeling before blacks, it’s humiliating. For Jews, it’s payback, and acknowledgement of our subservience to the master race.

All will kneel.

Out of the ruins of the West at some point in the 2020’s, Greater Israel will take its place as the political centre of the world. That’s where all this is headed.

That’s when the Hunger Games will begin.

Get out of the cities while you still can. Prepare. It’s nicer in the country anyway.

After God destroys Mystery Babylon and this global system comes to an end, you’re going to need those beans.

Originally published at End Times Herald.