Prepare for war


With all the Sturm und Drang of the plandemic, the Great Toilet Paper Emergency, the astroturfed race war, the Gates Depression, the Great White Iconoclasm and Mel Gibson’s dad Hutton dying, it’s been hard to know what’s significant and what’s not this year.

RIP cobber. One day you’ll have a statue in central Melbourne that no-one will touch.

In fact, we’ve been so disoriented by the swarm of real and confected news that we haven’t had time to notice that globalism has died, or at least the neoliberal version of it which had predominated since the collapse of the USSR. Part of the detonation of globalisation, seen in the shutdown of supply lines and the embargo on foreign students, has been Australia’s sudden divorce with China.

The bigger picture which puts context to the plandemic itself as well as everything which flows from it, including the Hong Kong riots, is the geopolitical stand-off between the Han Ant Colony Imperium and the Anglo-American Empire of Sodomy Liberation. This is the macro event driving it all.

Tensions were evident last year when I first wrote about it, but since the virus attack in Wuhan it’s come out into the open. Australia was given an ultimatum by America: US or them. Of course, we chose security over prosperity.

Now whaddayaknow. A suspiciously high quality recording is leaked of a Victorian Labor Party Minister being obnoxious, alongside allegations of branch-stacking within the party. And just like that, Daniel Andrews found out what happens to genderfluid lightweights who take on The Empire.

There are rumours it was the Victorian Police who did it. Sure. Maybe it was North Korea. Maybe it was ISIS! Maybe it was WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORISTS!

Whatever. Andrews flew too close to the sun, and he got burnt.

Socialist premiers aren’t the only ones feeling the heat of having to decide between US or China. Another place one-tenth the size of Victoria is finding out what happens when you pick a hot new waifu.

This is creating a headache for G-d’s chosen ethnostate. Israel has a long history of funneling US-created technology to China, selling US military tech and assisting China build stealth jet fighters. Now, after pretending it wasn’t happening for decades, super-Zionist Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been forced to notice it.

At the same time, the US is pressuring Germany to pay its fair share into America’s Delian League, NATO. This is because war with China means war with Iran means war with Russia means World War III.

Why now?

Intensification of geopolitical maneuvering happens just before big wars. Sudden shifts in allegiance, ultimatums, dramatic espionage and assassinations. These happen just before the fight goes kinetic, and is part of the patchwork of evidence I’m seeing which makes me think it’s about to kick off between the ant horde and the lesbian armada.

A slew of high-profile assassinations over the past year has been largely kept quiet by the media, which to me is another sign. The more significant the information, the harder the intelligence operatives in the media try hard not to notice it.

While the assassination of Iranian 2IC General Soleimani had to be covered by the media spooks, other significant state murders have been hushed up.

Note the timing. Just as the plandemic was about to go public in China. And then in May…

The ethnostate again. And around about the same time in the Space Force…

Healthy 47-year-old Air Force aces just die. It happens.

Another sign is the spooky media finally noticing the nefarious nature of Chinese influence in Australia. Before the plandemic, the borders were open and millionaire Chinese CCP members were just as Australian as Don Bradman. Now, all of a sudden, we can’t hear enough about the threat of China.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

At the same time, an obscure and ideologically incoherent undergrad at UQ has become an international celebrity for standing up to China’s campus Stasi.

The Wall St Journal! Don’t tell Comrade Drew’s social justice comrades at UQ that the most capitalist outlet in the world loves him and that the headquarters of world communism hates him.

War plans make strange bedfellows.

As well as assassinations and propaganda, the hardware is also being assembled for the fight.

This is more than a rhetorical ‘pivot’, and it’s happening while we denizens of the world have been conditioned to accept military lockdowns and readjust to supply chain disruptions due to the planned release of a manmade pathogen. It’s also occuring while the USA just seemed to experience a DDoS attack this week, the Australian government is securing emergency fuel supplies from the US, the ABC has published stories of dire reports about the supply chain impact of an Asian war and India and China flex against each other in the Himalayas.

None of this is happening organically or accidentally. 2020 is the year the debt supernova implodes, signaled by the yield curve inversion in August last year and the repo market crisis a month later. The only reason things look normal right now is that central banks are pumping tens of trillions into markets to prop them up. The US federal government took 205 years to reach a trillion dollars of public debt. In 2020, it’s adding a trillion every five weeks.

The US Debt Clock on the 25th of May, 2020.
US Debt Clock on the 25th of June, 2020.

The entire debt-based model of civilisation we have known all our lives is coming to an end, and it’s happening at the same time as a savage solar cycle downturn is wiping out industrial agriculture. That’s why the chaos is only getting worse this decade. We’re not getting back to the ‘old normal’. Remember it though. One day you’ll tell children stories about it. Hopefully.

Right now and for the next decade, it’s all about the debt and the climate ending a period of peak globalism, peak decadence, peak degeneracy and peak delusion. Everything we hate is going away. There are no sodomy festivals in a village of hungry peasants. No-one is for open borders when everyone is a potential threat. All of that is coming to an end.

No matter what hardships come, remind yourself every day that this is awesome.

Even if it’s not The Apocalypse (and I think it probably is), it’s an apocalypse. Reality is back and this bitch is mad af.

Warfare has changed profoundly since the Second World War. Fourth generation warfare isn’t grand armadas standing off against each other over territory, at least not for long. The bang-bang part of this conflict is just a part of the mutual degradation of force projection ability both sides are engaged in. We can expect destruction of critical infrastructure systems, more biological weapon releases including ethno-specific ones, EMP’s, and maybe even a few rogue nukes in proxy wars like India and Pakistan. If you want a historical parallel, the Bronze Age collapse is probably a good one.

Make preparations to become a dark age serf as a worst case scenario outcome. Maybe try for being a local lord. It could happen, and if you’re sorted for food, water and security, it could be awesome.

Once you get your basic needs taken care of, think of what of our civilisation you’d like to preserve. Maybe stock up a library for preservation through the dark age.

If you come across any subversive literature by the usual suspects though, you know what to do.

Originally published at End Times Herald.