Blacks celebrate violence against white conservatives


The race war agenda is advancing nicely.

It’s very, very, very hard not to get angry. The people who started this anti-white agenda decades ago knew that. That’s why they did it.

So very hard to not get really, really, really angry.

But the enemies of all humanity want that. They want us cut up into tribes and at each others’ throats so we don’t ask too many questions.

Questions like: Who started all this?

Who began the ideological war on Western civilisation that is now tearing American cities apart?

Who made everyone so angry at each other?

Who poured so much hatred into the hearts of black people, broken women and dysfunctional soyboys that they want to see white, Christian America destroyed?

Those questions will get answered eventually. Now that millions of formerly middle class white people across the West have lost their jobs and spent two months terrified of a virus while locked down in their now-underwater houses, they’re going to want to know who started all this. They’re going to want to know who to get really angry at.

That process is already well underway.

The Orange Man has now TWEETED VERY STRONGLY that Antifa is a terrorist organisation and he is MONITORING THEM CLOSELY.

But who are ‘Antifa’?

Where did they come from?

What do they believe, and why?

Maybe Jewish Twitter knows.

Stick to churches, goy.

It really is a mystery.

The thing is, there’s no point getting angry at anyone. Not now.

If we get angry and lash out, we’ll simply feed the agenda which was planned a very, very long time ago. Our enemies are not black people or fanatical white people or even spiteful anti-Christian Jewish people.

I believe we are witnessing the end of history in real time, or at least the end of an era. The 500-year supremacy of the West is coming to an end, and with it comes civil war, unrest, famine and plagues.

I think Jesus is coming back soon. Maybe you don’t. Either way, Western civilisation is coming to an end. The trend is toward chaos before a new type of order we can’t yet see comes into view.

If you’re a Christian, I’d argue that all the world is coming under one authority and spiritual rebellion is everywhere. Evil abounds, and the righteous have no hope. It’s the beginning of the end, and it’s only going to get worse before it all comes to a halt. Jesus is coming back. Get out of the cities, get your house in order, plant some food and get ready for very hard times.

If you’re not a Christian, it’s still the beginning of the end. The food shortages will intensify from this year as the Grand Solar Minimum deepens. The world economy will implode as the debt supernova implodes. Those who have not prepared will be made dependent upon a central bank-controlled crypto system probably linked to some form of a social credit score. After a brief but terrifying nuclear exchange, the final form of globalism will emerge based out of Jerusalem. After that, all bets are off. War with the Muslims, probably. Get out of the cities, get your house in order, plant some food and get ready for very hard times.

We have lived through a time of great delusion and decadence for 70 years now. That’s coming to an end. Reality is about to smack us all in the face with righteous vengeance.

Originally published at End Times Herald.