A Ryan Rant – Episode 131 – #WhiteStrike Against The ZOG Dyke At The Mic


The heinous Hebrew hypergraphia emanating from the anti-White institutions of the Zionist Occupation Government are designed to embolden the violence of their coloured gloomy golems, whilst Jews like Mia Bloom propagandize the masses with fallacious kosher conspiracies about who the Jew wants you to blame with their projections.

They figure if Whitey can be kept in a demoralised milieu where Whitey slaves on to subsidize darker demographics, as Whitey is systemically suppressed in espousing speech that counters the Semitic snake-like slanders and lies of our “funny friends”, they figure enough hand flapping from their faygala Fed Shabbos-goys will get Whitey triggered enough by their gayops and gaslighting.

But with their orange mitzvah mobster shuckling over the Zohar to raise Arthur Finkelstein from the dead, as anti-racism protesters chant for “Dirty Jews” to get out of their countries, and Ice Cube proclaims Payday Monsanto to be the paramount parasite shamer, it’s pretty clear that the final solution for dealing with international organised Jewry is to deny them the toil and taxes of White people.

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