A Ryan Rant – Episode 130 – Talmudic Tyranny Right There On My TV


Most average apolitical fence sitter types who’ve caught a glimpse of the monumental mitzvah mutiny emanating out of America at the moment, would have formed a conceptual understanding of the distinctions that characterise the duality of Blackness vs. Whiteness.

However the fact that Eisenhower was able to send the 101st Airborne into Little Rock to put bayonets in the backs of White American citizens who supported segregation, yet Donald Trump the orange King of Israel can’t do the same to hordes of Hebrew hounds ripping into Whitey’s throat as they loot and burn cities, is a testament to why the White House is proverbially boarded up as a Jewish owned business.

If you consider the fact that the illegitimate state of Israel supported by international organised Jewry trains American law enforcement in their policing tactics, are we really all that surprised when nations who’ve been repeatedly screwed over by kosher CIA subversion operations are gleefully cheering on the FUBAR being perpetrated by “Floyd’s freedom fighters”.

I mean let’s face it, when Blacks demand preferential access to predominantly White spaces and are synonymous with unholy negative social, economic and political proclivities, the only thing that really matters is having the privilege of being as far away from these people as humanly possible.

With celebrities clambering over one another to profess their liberal anti-White solidarity with the dead armed robber carrying forged fiat and fuelled by fentanyl, cocaine and meth, maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised when certain millionaire Antifa television presenters don’t invite me on their show to tell a joke.

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