You clap for me now


Hey you, subhuman white man. Respect your healthcare workers.

Or we’ll bash your grandfather.

He was going to die anyway.

There should not be an Aged Care “industry” just like there should not be a Child Care “industry”. Both fake industries have emerged as a cancer in the West because women have been brainwashed by a foreign ideology into rejecting their biological role, and we men have let them.

Women should be in the home looking after our families and men should be the providers. Instead the herders of our countries have engineered a situation where both men and women need to work in order to survive. Through this conditioning and our own choices, we are having less children.

Our industry has been driven overseas thanks to regulation, taxes, unions and pro-globalist trade policy, so in order to maintain growth and keep the economic Ponzi from falling, foreigners are imported by the millions.

Too busy (apparently) to look after our elderly, this task is subcontracted to other races. They really are doing a job that white people don’t want to do.