War with China is inevitable and we’re totally unprepared


First published August 13, 2019.  XYZ predicts the future.

One of the ways you know the barbarians are coming is that everyone is mad.

At the moment of peak debauchery, peak delusion, peak degeneracy, the Medo-Persians will break into Babylon and the slaughter begins. Or the Mongols will breach the wall. Or the Goths will suddenly march on Rome. That’s when reality returns, hard.

We’re at pretty much peak crazy right now. Everyone sane knows it, and the crazy majority calls the sane mad. Or terrorists.

You’re either with the disabled lesbian single mother Muslim refugee immigrants, or you’re with the terrorists.

Pick a side, bigot.

This propaganda campaign, this infowar psyop against the white, Christian majority in Western nations, has been long-prepared. The seeds for this revolution against whites were sown long ago; planned in the interwar years after the failure of the Marxist revolution to spread to the West, and then carefully hatched through distorted narratives of World War II and a deep state-funded cultural revolution on the campuses in the late 60s. Three generations have now been brainwashed through our universities to hate anything white, and the mass immigration legislation rammed through in the 70s ensured that the war against white men, once begun, would find an army of willing apparatchiks after the media campaign had started.

If we buy into it, fam, we’re playing along. Our enemies want us to become the ‘terrorists’ they’re portraying us to be. The outrages against white men will continue to get worse. We’ll see brown politicians given large platforms to deride and mock us, while any attempt to organise a resistance will be used by the state as proof that we’re all terrorists. Soon workplaces will begin to do tests for white radicalisation, holding workshops at which white men must enthusiastically signal allegiance to globohomo ideology or be sent for therapeutic deradicalisation. Schools will implement courses in eradicating toxic whiteness, and if you protest, you’re a terrorist.

Everything that’s been done to Muslims by our enemies will now be done to us, and the millions of aliens who have been brought in to Western countries through the exploitation of our pathological altruism will support the move. Because if you don’t keep white men in line, they’ll all turn into racist bigot homophobe terrorists. That will be constant talking point put forward by the media, and older whites who still believe establishment propaganda will be the ones most enthusiastically supporting it. Gotta get those lazy incel millennials before they kill six million again!

The legislation to do all this was put into place after 9/11 by our enemies, and now they’re going to turn it on us.

My advice?

Ignore it.

Keep your cool.

It’s a distraction.

Our enemies want us provoked and disorganised so that we don’t notice the real threat which has built across the seas. When the SHTF, they’ve got a debt-free, well-armed ethnostate to flee to. Thanks to them, we don’t.

And we’re about to lose World War III.

Military vehicles carrying shore-to-ship missiles drive past the Tiananmen Gate during a military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two on September 3, 2015 in Beijing, China.

We hear so much noise about the threat of China, the rise of China, the economy of China, that we’ve been made complacent. While our blood and treasure has been spent in the Middle East fighting Third World goat herders for Greater Israel, the industrial engine of the world has been shifted from heartland USA to coastal China. This has been the real story of ‘globalisation’; the shifting of industrial capacity from North America to East Asia.

This was done thanks to the fifth column that operates within the US Department of State, run by men like Henry Kissinger, who’s now warning us that war with China is inevitable. He’d know because he’s part of the cabal that made it so. And he’s right.

There are plenty of talking heads who’ll reassure you that China will ‘rise peacefully’. Bullshit. That only happens if America decides to retreat peacefully, which is not at all what they’ll do. The military intelligence deep state is making that abundantly clear.

If you want a good rundown on how the coming conflict between the USA and China will play out, this goy has some big brain nibba takes. He also shows how the idea that we could sit the conflict out is a pipe dream. We’re going down with Uncle Sam, just like we almost did with the British Empire.

The Chinese have learned from their past mistakes, and from our past successes. The 500-year-old Western thalassocracy, which began with Portugal and is now ending with the United States, came into being through Western European control of the world’s shipping lanes. This is what it’s all based on, and why Iran is challenging America’s sovereignty over the Straits of Hormuz. By becoming the premier naval power in Europe Britannia ruled the waves, which made Britain rich, which made Britain powerful, which gave Britain an empire on which we thought the sun would never set.

If the rootless cosmopolitan New York-London bankers hadn’t started the world wars as part of their diabolical agenda for global control, we might still. But I digress.

China is buying strategic ports around the world. They are leading the development of a Eurasian economic zone with the US$6 trillion One Belt, One Road Initiative. They’ve developed hypersonic missiles to take out America’s carriers, and weapons to take down American satellites. They know that all they need to do is deny America entry into the Western Pacific, and they win. They control Asia.

That’s where we come in.

Just one look at those two superwarriors for freedom tells me we’re doomed.

The guy who brokered the deal to sell Darwin’s port to China was a Melbourne banker named David Potasnik. That’s a Jewish name. Which is just another coincidence that you should stop noticing, terrorist.

China has had centuries now to learn how the West became so powerful. They know that first you control and garrison the ports. Then you extend those entrepot garrisons inland to secure control of resource production, so as to have sovereignty over each stage of the international trade process. They’ve already done that in Africa. You then bring the natural resources you collect back to the imperial heartland to build up industry, and deploy the profits to in turn develop the colonies. Then you use that economic power to install favourable governments, and if anybody challenges your hegemony, you kick their arse. They’re going to do what we’ve done for 500 years. To us.

China had a chance to get ahead of Western imperialism back in the 15th century. The Chinese admiral, Zheng He, sailed with a massive armada around the Indian, Pacific and probably Atlantic oceans, setting up outposts along the coasts of South Asia and East Africa. His largest ships were over 100 metres long. We Europeans didn’t build boats that size until the 19th century.

It was only due to the death of an emperor and the re-assertion of Confucian isolation at court that China was prevented from exploiting these nascent sea lanes and becoming the global superpower. Given the high population and economic base China already had, they would have been unstoppable. Normie historian Niall Ferguson has described it as the greatest geopolitical mistake in history.

They’re not going to make that mistake again.

The West is done. Maybe it was never ours anyway. We just rode along, doing the digging and the building and the fighting and the dying and getting scraps in return. The liberal world order was not constructed for the benefit of white Christian men. It has destroyed us. If we survey the top of the global power pyramid, we’re not there. We’re just scapegoats for those who are.

If we run the world, it wouldn’t now be painting us as dangerous terrorists.

We fought the wars but someone else won them, because they controlled the means of wealth creation that funded them. They have since consolidated completely their control over the media, academia, entertainment and the political class. They rule while we toil, taking our private and public debt repayments as tribute. We’ve served them with our blood and treasure for over a century now.

No more. When the war starts, the globalist regime in Canberra will expect you to fight. They will demand that all able-bodied Australian men serve their country. But it won’t be the country you’ll be serving. It’ll be the bankers who own it, and their puppets.

And what would you get, even if we manage the impossible and fight the Chinese off? To settle down, have a family and then have some Somali lesbian professor teach your gender-confused kids to hate you, and fill their heads with everything she learned at the Goldbergstein Institute of Critical Whiteness Studies?

No thanks.

Get out of the cities while you can and prepare for the occupation. When it comes, there will be a resistance; for Australians, by Australians. Prepare for that. The propaganda the occupying forces will rely on is already established. White men are terrorists. That will be the message.

And who came up with that message I wonder?

Maybe one day we’ll be free enough to say. Once we are terrorists.

Originally published at End Times Herald.